Pier Bowl
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Pier Bowl
The “Pier Bowl”, as it is affectionately referred to, gets its name from the natural topographical “bowl” which distinguishes the area with the historic San Clemente Pier, shops, restaurants, lodging, and recreational amenities being at the bottom of the bowl. The Pier Bowl’s Ole Hanson sidewalks and palm tree lined streets are a welcoming site to visitors and residents alike. The Pier Bowl is connected to the downtown via Avenida Del Mar. The Amtrak train station is located at the bottom the bowl adjacent to the pier adding a transportation alternative and charm. The public beach trail runs through the base of the bowl

Business Associations
Pier Bowl Merchants Association
President: Rick Anderson rick@casatropicana.com

Liaison Contact Info
Cliff Jones | City of San Clemente
Associate Planner | Downtown / Pier Bowl Liaison
910 Calle Negocio, Ste. 100 CA 92673
office: 949.361.6186 | facsimile: 949.366.4750
website: http://www.san-clemente.org

Recent Projects
Streetscape Project

The Pier Bowl streetscape project was completed in June of 2011 and included new Ole Hanson sidewalks, decorative lighting, and landscape. These improvements further enhance the beloved Pier Bowl area.

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