Business Liason Program
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Business Liaison Program
Three years ago San Clemente lost our Economic Development Department. The Business Liaison/Facilitator Program was created by the Community Development Department to fill that void and help small businesses, a key component of our City’s economic vitality. What has resulted is a paradigm shift of the planner’s role from processor/regulator to facilitator/liaison. The program provides the ability for businesses to establish a relationship with the City, bringing a human element back into local government. In addition, the new structure has increased the planner’s personal satisfaction in their profession as they witness how their involvement directly affects the community.

The program’s goal is to provide valuable “nuts and bolts” advice and assistance for business owners who must often juggle multiple tasks. Securing City approvals for business licenses, signs, remodeling or building additions can be daunting, especially for the small business owner. That is where the Business Liaison Program comes in.

Under this program, a planner is designated to serve as a “Liaison” and is assigned to one of the business districts. The Liaison handles all that district’s discretionary approvals, and helps business owners by providing information on potential grant opportunities, programs/services, and helps guide property/ business owners wishing to expand their businesses or start new ones through what can appear to be a maze of rules and requirements. The Liaisons are the direct contact for the district and a “friendly face” at City Hall who understands their business needs and objectives.

Our environmental rules and regulations, and democratic processes are now well established and institutionalized. The Liaisons help business owners to successfully navigate these processes, to the benefit of the business owners, neighborhoods, and community at large.

Business Liaison Districts and Links
There are five business districts that have a liaison dedicated to them. To find out more about the districts please select a link below. If you are not located in one of the below mentioned districts, but would like to talk to the Planning Department about concerns or questions you may have, please call (949)361-6184.

Pier Bowl
North Beach
Los Molinos Business District
El Camino Real Auto Uses

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