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What transparency is there related to employee compensation levels?
The City publishes the salary schedules and information on benefits provide to employees on this web page and as part of the annual budget process presents any changes to the salary schedules to the City Council. Annually, the City under new compensation reporting requirements implemented by the California State Controller must submit a report which is then published on the state’s web page.

In addition, recently the Orange County Grand Jury completed a report on the Compensation Study of Orange County Cities and made the following recommendations:
  • Transparency – City should report their compensation information to the public on the Internet in an easily accessible manner.
  • Employment Contracts – Each city should reveal any individual employment contract in an easily accessible manner.
  • The City summarized the compensation for the City Manager and the Department Heads for additional disclosure related to compensation and benefit costs.

    State Controller Compensation Report
    Grand Jury Compensation Classifications
    Grand Jury Compensation Information
    Employee Salary Schedule Effective March 19th 2013
    Employee Salary Schedule as of July 2013

    Where can I obtain a copy of the Employment Contract or a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for City Employees?
    The City Manager is the only management employee who has an employment contract. The City has one recognized employee association, the San Clemente City Employees Association (SCCEA). The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the City and SCCEA outlines specific terms and conditions of employment.

    City Manager Contract | MOU

    What benefits are provided to full-time City employees?
    The City of San Clemente provides excellent benefits for full-time employees which include:
  • FLEXIBLE WORK SCHEDULE – 9/80 work schedule.
  • INSURANCE - For full-time employees, the City provides a comprehensive benefit package including employee health, dental, vision, life insurance, SDI and LTD.
  • FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT – Employees may participate in either or both of the Health Care or Dependent Care programs.
  • DEFERRED COMPENSATION – Employees may defer up to a maximum of $17,000 annually.
  • HOLIDAYS - The City presently recognizes 11 regular holidays, plus one floating holiday.
  • SICK LEAVE - Accrual of 8 hours per month.
  • VACATION - Full-time general employees accumulate vacation at the rate of 13 days per year increasing to a maximum of 22 days based on years of service.
  • EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - The City offers benefited part-time and full-time employees and their dependents an EAP program which provides a variety of professional services.

  • A more complete table of benefits is provided in the following tables:
    City Council, Committee/Commission Members, and Hourly Part-time Benefit Table
    CASA Staff Benefits Table

    What type of Retirement is provided for employees?
    Full-time non-safety employees are offered a 2% @ 55 private retirement plan provided by Great-West Retirement Services. The plan is reciprocal with the CalPERS retirement program. The current employee contribution is 0.8% with the remaining contribution rate paid by the City. The City is also a member of the Social Security system, with the employee and the employer contributing to this retirement plan.

    Five full-time safety employees are offered a 3% @ 55 retirement plan provided the CalPERS retirement program. The current employee contribution is 2.8% with the remaining contribution rate paid by the City. The City is also a member of the Social Security system, with the employee and the employer contributing to this retirement plan.

    Part-time (benefited and hourly) employees are covered through a Part Time Seasonal deferred compensation plan. This required plan is an alternative to Social Security and requires a minimum contribution of 7.5% of salary per plan year. This 7.5 % consists of an employee contribution (3.75%) and an employer contribution (3.75%).

    For additional information, please contact Human Resources at (949) 361-8324.

    Where can I obtain more information?
    You can visit the City Human Resources office at 100 Avenida Presidio, San Clemente, CA or you can contact Human Resources at (949) 361-8324.

    Contact Human Resources

    City of San Clemente
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    Community Development | 910 Calle Negocio, Suite 100, San Clemente, CA, 92673 | Phone (949) 361-6100  |  FAX (949) 361-8281
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