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What is the purpose of the General Plan Advisory Committee?
The purpose of the General Plan Advisory Committee (GPAC) is to provide recommendations to City Staff and to the consultant team regarding strategic milestones in the process (Vision, Land Use Plan, Focus Areas, etc.). Another crucial function of the GPAC is to assist in the formation of City goals. What do people say they want in their City? How can this be translated into a set of compatible, consistent, long and short-range City goals? Through its recommendations the GPAC can help make these goals a part of the decision-making process, recognizing that the determination of what items are included in the General Plan ultimately rests with City Council.

When and where do they meet?
The Committee is expected to have nine meetings which will be held over a period of two years. However, additional meetings may be scheduled as needed. The meetings will be generally held at 6:00 P.M. on the second floor of the City offices at 910 Calle Negocio,second floor. Please check the agendas here for confirmation of the location and time.

The GPAC completed its regular meetings and will hold a joint meeting with the City Council in March or April.

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How can I present my comments to the General Plan Advisory Committee?
The meetings are open to the public and there is time placed on each agenda for members of the public who wish to speak. In addition to the GPAC meetings there will be a number of City Council Workshops, Focus Area Workshops and Public Hearings where the public can give their comments. Written comments can also be submitted to GPAC members and Jeff Hook at

Who is on the General Plan Advisory Committee and how do they get their positions?
The Committee is comprised of 25 members, selected by the City Council, representing the following groups/organizations:

  • Chamber of Commerce (2)
  • Coastal Advisory Committee (1)
  • Human Affairs Committee (1)
  • Parks and Recreation (1)
  • Planning Commission (2)
  • San Clemente Green (1)
  • San Clemente Historical Society (1)
  • Community At-large (16)

  • The GPAC members contact information is provided here.
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    I want to speak at General Plan Advisory Committee Meeting. What do I do?
    To speak at a GPAC meeting, members of the audience are requested to wait until the point in time on the agenda when members of the public are allowed to speak. The public comment is typically placed at the end of the agenda.

    How do I get an agenda or minutes of the General Plan Advisory Committee?
    Agendas and minutes are available on line under the Meetings /General Plan Advisory Committee menu items. Agendas should be available the week before the next scheduled meeting. Note the link below to access agendas

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    Where do I find out more information about the General Plan Advisory Committee?
    You are welcome to E-Mail Jeff Hook at or call him for more information at (949) 361-6182.

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