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What is the purpose of the Human Affairs Committee?
The purpose of the Human Affairs Committee is to act as a catalyst in the assessment of human needs and issues within the City of San Clemente by tracking trends, clarifying needs, and identifying resources, thereby enhancing communication and cooperation between agencies and the City in order to assist in the resolution of social needs. The committee meets with members of the public, non-profit agencies, government and civic leaders to discuss topical social issues and interact with resource professionals at five Human Affairs Forums a year. Forums have included the following topics: affordable housing and homeless needs, innovations in mental health care, elder abuse, youth safety, transportation needs, adoption and foster care resources, and employment opportunities for the underemployed.
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When and where do they meet?
The Human Affairs Committee meets every other month (Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec 2013) on the second Wednesday at 3 PM at the City’s Community Center.
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How can I present my comments to the Human Affairs Committee?
The committee meetings and forum are open to the public. If you are interested in learning more about the social needs of San Clemente and surrounding communities, attending a forum is highly recommended. The forum is a roundtable discussion where all attendees introduce themselves and briefly discuss why they came, needs of the agency or general announcements are made at this time. The committee meets after the forum and comments not appropriate for the forum can be presented at the committee meeting under the public comments portion of the meeting. If you can’t attend a meeting or forum you can send a letter to the Chair of the Human Affairs Committee c/o City Hall, 100 Ave. Presidio.

Who is on the Human Affairs Committee and how do get their positions?
There are seven members of the HAC who are appointed by the City Council on a bi-annual basis. Appointed members must have a permanent address in San Clemente. The terms are staggered whereby four members are appointed for a different two year term than the remaining three members. An interest in social needs and the welfare of your community is an important asset for a person seeking membership on the committee.

I want to speak at a Human Affairs Committee Meeting. What do I do?
As discussed above, the HAC forum is a roundtable discussion and participants may speak briefly on general topics when they introduce themselves. A more specific issue can be brought to the Committee Meeting and the Committee can determine how to best address the issue.

How can I serve on the Human Affairs Committee?
To become a member of the Human Affairs Committee citizens are asked to file an application with the City Clerk, prior to an interview and selection by the City Council. These selections normally occur in June of each year, or at other times when an vacancy on the Committee occurs. For more information on applications for Human Affairs Committee please send an email to or Click Here to get more information.

How do I get an agenda or minutes of the Human Affairs Committee Meetings?
Agenda and minutes are available on line under Meetings. You can also receive the minutes by mail. To be put on the mailing list by calling Denise Obrero, HAC staff coordinator at (949) 361-6188.

Where do I find out more information about the Human Affairs Committee
You are welcome to contact the Housing Coordinator by email at or call her at (949) 361-6188.
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