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If you know the general location of the property you may view the clickable map below or follow the steps below the map if you know the street name.

Clickable Zoning Map

The thumbnail of the City's zoning map below is a link to a clickable zoning map. If you know which part of the City you want to know the zoning of, this link will be quicker than if you were to follow the steps below to view each individual zoning map.

Clickable Zoning Map

Skip to Step 3 below for information on interpreting the map.

Individual Zoning Maps

You can find out the zoning of a property within the City of San Clemente on the internet. All you will need to know is the street address and street name and some basic map reading skills.

Follow these steps to determine the zoning of a property:

Step 1 of 4 - Locate your street on the index

Select the appropriate street index page below. The streets within the indices are arranged alphabetically and exclude prefixes (Calle, Avenida, etc.) unless there are similar street names. You will need to return to this page and select the appropriate zoning map page in the pull down menu in Step 4.

Step 2 of 4 - Note the map page and quadrant

Once you locate your street in the above index, you will notice a combination of a number and letter adjacent to the street name. The number refers to the Zoning Map page and the letter refers to the quadrant on the page. The quadrants are 'A' upper left, 'B' upper right, 'C' lower left, and 'D' lower right.

Street Index Example

For example, Calle Lisa is located on the 'Franca-Negocio' street index page. The street index indicates 'Lisa 4D'. This means that Calle Lisa is on Sheet 4 of the Zoning Map and is located on the lower right quarter of the page.

Step 3 of 4 - Interpreting the map

Each zone will be delineated by a bold dashed line, or, in the case of a Specific Plan, by a bold solid line. Each zone will be designated with CAPITALIZED and Bold letters (for example, RL). Shaded areas within the Coastal Zone designate Coastal Canyons.

The Cover Map has a legend that explains each zone and the various symbols used throughout the maps. The letter H within a circle symbol, Historical Property Signifier, designates a property on the City's Designated Historic Property list.

The snapshot below gives you an idea of what the Zoning Maps depict. Each Zoning Map is a PDF file so you can zoom in or out to your desired viewing comfort.

Zoning Map example

Step 4 of 4 - View the Zoning Map

Select the appropriate sheet below as indicated on the street index from Step 1. Each map is a PDF and file sizes range between 300 Kb and 900 Kb, so download times may vary depending on your internet connection speed.

Please Note:
Properties located within a Specific Plan are zoned as the Specific Plan. For instance, if a property is located within the Talega Specific Plan, the property's zoning is 'Talega Specific Plan'. You will have to refer to the Specific Plan for the appropriate Land Use Designation.

Redevelopment Area Map
The City's redevelopment area is exclusive to the area within the Pier Bowl Specific Plan.

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