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San Clemente and Historic Preservation

In November of 2005, Mrs. Laura Bush, First Lady of the United States, and Honorary Chair of Preserve America announced the Preserve America Community designations. San Clemente was chosen for this prestigious recognition for our continued protection and celebration of our heritage. There are currently 458 designations in the United States, 11 of which are in California. As part of this designation, there are more funding opportunities available for heritage tourism initiatives that are administered by the Department of the Interior. Keep your eye out for our new “Preserve America” sign to be posted this summer near downtown.

The City of San Clemente has been a Certified Local Government since 1993. As a CLG we are required to: enforce appropriate legistlation for the designation and protection of historic properties; establish and maintain a qualified historic preservation commission; maintain a system for identifying historic properties; and provide for public participation in the local historic preservation program.


Historic Preservation

The City's General Plan goal with regard to Cultural Resources is to promote the preservation and restoration of the sites, structures and districts which have architectural, historical, archaeological and/or cultural significance to the City of San Clemente.

The City has created informational brochures on historic preservation.

Historic Preservation Brochures:
San Clemente Historic Resources and Landmarks
Historic Property Preservation Agreements (Mills Act)
Historic Preservation and Sustainability
Cultural Heritage Permit
Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture

En Español
Recursos y Monumentos Históricos
Acuerdos para la Conservación de Propiedad Históricas (Acta Mills)
Conservación Histórica y Desarrollo Sostenible
Permiso del Herencia Cultural
Arquitectura del Renacimiento Colonial Español

Historic Preservation Education
The City of San Clemente held the Historic Preservation Education Workshop Series funded in part by the National Park Service, through the California Office of Historic Preservation. All the events were FREE to the public and well attended! the following are descriptions on each workshop and links to the presentation and/or materials.

The first workshop was held December 10, 2008 on the Historic Contexts of San Clemente. Mr. Cotter from the Historical Society presented on the history of San Clemente, after which we heard from Bill Ayer and Norm and Bonna Haven about growing up here. Below are the links to the presentation which has been divided into 5 parts due to size:
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

The second workshop was held on February 11, 2009 at 7pm at the Community Center. The presentation by Jennifer Gates, Associate Planner talked about the historic preservation incentives offered by the City, including the Mills Act. For a copy of the presentation click here.

The third workshop on April 2, 2009 was a great sucess. Donovan Rypkema, an international speaker and preservation economist based out of Washington, D.C. presented on the nexus between historic preservation and sustainability. For more information on his consulting firm, Place Economics visit his website at www.placeeconomics.com.
Click here for a copy of Mr. Rypkema's presentation. The program is available for viewing on Cox Channel 30 or Channel 854 for viewers with HDTV on Monday-Friday at 10am or Saturday-Sunday at 6pm. Or you can view online.

The fourth presentation "What Can I or Can’t I Do with my Historic Resource?" was held Monday, June 1, 2009 at 6:30pm at the Community Center- Ole Hanson Fireside Room. Christy McAvoy, Managing Principal of Historic Resources Group talked about the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards on the Treatment of Historic Properties as well as sustainability and green improvements that are in keeping with the Standards. Jim Pechous, City Planner, talked about the Cultural Heritage Permit Process and how the Secretary of Interior's Standards are reflected in the City of San Clemente General Plan and Zoning Code. To view the presentation online click here.

The last workshop of this series, entitled "Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture," was held on August 13, 2009 at 6:30pm at Casa Romantica, 415 Avenida Granada. Henry Lenny presented on Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture, its historic beginnings and its influence in San Clemente architecture at the beautiful Casa Romantica. This presentation is available online.

Historic Resources Survey Update
Our Historic Preservation sections of our Municipal Code and our Historic Resources List have been amended! On September 4, 2007 and October 2, 2007 City Council adopted these amendments. For more information please contact John Ciampa, Associate Planner at (949) 361-6190 or by email at ciampaj@san-clemente.org.

In 2006, the City contracted with Historic Resources Group to update the Historic Structures Survey completed in 1995. This is a requirement to maintain our Certified Local Government status, a National distinction. As part of the survey, a report was submitted providing the methodology for the survey, an update to the City Historic Context Statement, results of the survey and recommendations to strengthen the City’s Preservation Program. Click here for the complete Historic Resources Survey Report with the City’s Designated Historic Structures List.

The survey update includes the completion of the State Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) form for each potential historic resource. The DPR forms are an important tool used by Planners, City decision makers, architects and owners in determining the best way to repair or plan for additions to historic resources. Click here to view the DPR forms for historic resources on the City’s Designated Historic Structures List.

Ole Hanson Beach Club National Register Listing for Historic Places
Click here to view the application for the National Register for Historical places for the Ole Hanson Beach Club.

Historic Structures Photographs

Some photographs of the City's historic structures have been compiled and grouped into galleries. Choose a gallery below to view the photographs. The galleries are organized alphabetically. Each gallery opens in a pop-up window and includes one photograph for each property for a total of 10 photographs for each gallery.

Historic Structures Photo Gallery
Alameda - Buena Vista Buena Vista - Cabrillo Cabrillo - Cazador Cazador - Del Mar
Del Mar - N. El Camino Real N. El Camino Real - S. El Camino Real El Portal - E. Escalones W. Escalones - Granada
Granada - W. Junipero La Cuesta - Loma Lane De Los Alamos - W. Mariposa

Historic Property Incentives

The Mills Act (51 Kb PDF) offers potential property tax relief for the owners in exchange for restoration and maintenance of the historic property. You can review the application for a Historic Property Preservation Agreement (HPPA) on our Applications page.

A recent photo survey of the HPPA has been completed. Please click here to view the beautiful historic structures.

If you are interested in this incentive, and have questions regarding eligibility and the process, please contact John Ciampa, Associate Planner at (949) 361-6190 or by email at ciampaj@san-clemente.org.

Are you considering improvements?

If you are considering improvements to a designated historic structure or a structure near a designated historic structure, you should read the Historic Preservation Flyer (64 Kb PDF).

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