Downtown Visioning
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What is Downtown Visioning?
The City of San Clemente embarked on a Downtown Visioning and Strategic Planning Project to review and improve land use and urban design policies for central San Clemente, which included Avenida Del Mar, The Pier Bowl, and El Camino Real from North Beach to Avenida Valencia.

Visioning is a process by which a community articulates its desired future, culminating in the formation of a Vision Plan that serves as a roadmap. The community's "vision" was gathered from public meetings and workshops.

The Downtown Strategic Plan will be the implementation tool for the Vision Plan, focusing on four elements identified in the 2001-2002 Long-Term Financial Plan: infrastructure, land use policy, marketing, and design. The Strategic Plan was completed in 2005.

Downtown Vision and Strategic Plan (Final Version)

After more than a year of review that included 14 public meetings City Council unanimously approved a Downtown Vision and Strategic Plan in August of 2005. The Vision Plan identified five downtown districts ( T-Zone, Pier Bowl, El Camino Real South, El Camino Real North and North Beach) which it provides policy and implementation strategies for each. The final version of the Downtown Vision and Strategic Plan can viewed by following the links below.  Depending on your internet connection speed, documents may take awhile to download because of illustrations.

Title and Table of Contents
Chapter 1--Introduction
Chapter 2--Economic Analysis
Chapter 3--Overall Downtown Strategies
Chapter 4--District Strategies
Chapter 5--Implementation

Support Documents and Studies

Walker Downtown Parking Study
San Clemente's Location (JPG 209K)
Avenida Del Mar and the Pier Bowl (JPG 532K)
Aerial Photograph of Downtown (JPG 759K)
Vacant Lots in Downtown (JPG 433K)
Landmarks (JPG 441K)
Project Study Areas (JPG 425K)
North Beach (JPG 463K)
April 8, 2004 Downtown Task Force Meeting Powerpoint Presentation (PPS 5MB)
North Beach Concept Plan Sketches (superceded) (593k)
Preliminary Strategies Memo (superceded)
North El Camino Real Diagram South El Camino Real Diagram North Beach Pier Bowl T Zone

More Information
For more information, please contact: Jim Pechous at the Planning Division (949) 361-6195 or email at

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