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San Clemente Retired Senior Volunteers Program
(949) 361-8224
Police Services RSVP has been active in San Clemente since 1985. Approximately 34 senior men and women provide services to the citizens of San Clemente as volunteers. These uniformed personnel perform the following police services with the city:
  • Vacation Home Checks
  • Visit to the homebound as part of the "You Are Not Alone Program" aka the YANA Program
  • Traffic and Crowd Control
  • Vehicle Code Enforcement
  • Foot Patrol in Business Area
  • PACT: “Police and Community Together” House in the Pier Bowl
  • Clerical Support Tasks
  • Transport of Sheriff Department Vehicles for Service
  • Daily Patrols in Marked Vehicle
  • Subject to being called to assist in emergency situations

Interested in Volunteering?
(949) 361-8224
RSVP Police Services is interested in hearing from you if you would like to join this unit. The application and acceptance process includes.
  • An initial interview with the RSVP Coordinator
  • Completing an application.
  • Several “ride-alongs” with RSVP duty officers
  • An interview before an oral board
  • Medical Release
  • A background check
  • Fingerprinting
  • Training
  • Uniform issue
  • Swearing In ceremony, badge and ID Issued

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