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Alison Betts
Term Expires: 2016
Contact Me: Phone: 949 361-8200

Civic Background:

Personal Note:
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Susan Ambrose - Vice Chair
Term Expires: 2016
Contact Me: Phone: 949 361-8200
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Don Brown (Planning Rep)- Chair
Term Expires: 2016
Contact Me: Phone: 949 361-8200 or

Civic Background: A graduate of the San Clemente Leadership Program. Currently on the Board of Directors South County Boys and Girls Club. Planning Commission member to the Coastal Advisory Committee. Was a member of the Serrano Creek Conservancy. Participant in the City of Lake Forest Opportunities Study. Additional organizations: Society of Experimental Test Pilots and the San Clemente Military Family

Personal Note I am a California native born in Glendale. I graduated with a BS degree from the U. S. Naval Academy. I have an MS in Systems Engineering from USC. A Marine Corps aviator for twenty years, Vietnam veteran (325 combat missions) with both air and ground units. A graduate of the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN), and the Navy Test Pilot School (flown 52 different airplanes). Original test pilot and early Squadron Commander during the F/A-18 aircraft development. Twenty years as an Experimental Test Pilot with McDonnell Douglas/Boeing, early Test Pilot on the C-17 aircraft development. I retired as Director of Flight Operations for Boeing Airlift and Tanker Programs/Chief Pilot for the C-17 Program. Married with three children and very proud to live in San Clemente.
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Richard Dickey
Term Expires: 2015
Contact Me: Phone: 949 492-1498 or

Local Community Service: San Clemente Leadership Program, San Clemente Dons, Association for the Ampitheater, BarberShop Harmony Soc., Exchange Club, Shorecliffs Community Assoc. & Beach Club Assoc., C.U.S.D., GPAC, El Presidente: S.J.C. Swallows Festival (1979), Dana Pt. Yacht Club, U.S. Coast Guard Aux. (Dana Pt.) 30 years service with National Ski Patrol (NSP#2002)

Personal Statement: My wife convinced me and our 4 children to move to San Clemente in 1965 to escape the hustle and bustle of big city (Los Angeles & Glendale) living and to enjoy the ocean and beaches after a very active professional life, graduating from UCLA, working in the citrus industry as a quality-control bacteriologist, spending 4 years as a Health Physicist with the UCLA Atomic Energy Project, the Nevada Desert with the Civil Effects Test Group, serving 2 years as Chief of Radiological Defense for the City of Los Angeles, teaching at L.A. Trade Tech., followed by 10 years in the Nuclear Medical field, during which time I co-founded a company (Bio-Nuclear Laboratories, Inc.) and finally getting a chance to enjoy a wonderful family and a great life at the most overlooked spot on the Pacific Shoreline. Before retiring I was employed as a Nuclear Training and Safety Instructor by So. Calif. Edison at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.
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John McMains
Term Expires: 2016
Contact Me: Phone: 949 361-8200 or
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Term Expires: June 30, 2014
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Personal Statement:
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Chris McCormack (Beaches, Parks & Recreation Rep)
Term Expires: 2016
Contact Me: Phone: 949 361-8200 or
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