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Read Me First!
Community Maps have been very popular but note the following:
  • Netscape & Macs will be supported in the future but not in this release.
  • Community will work from a dial-up connection, but not very well.
  • It works best with Explorer 5 or better. Click Help, About to check your version. Free upgrades are available at

What are Community Maps?
Community Maps provide an aerial photo view of the City of San Clemente with the ability to zoom in with high resolution detail. Included are street names, parcels and basic parcel information.

Community Maps will not run on all computers. Ideally you need the latest version of Internet Explorer and a high speed internet connection but it will work dialup connections and some older browsers.

Click here to go to Community Maps

How does it work?
When the map appears you have two choices: Zoom or Enter an Address:

To zoom: Click on the + then point your mouse over the spot to zoom. Hold down the left mouse button to zoom in. To zoom out click on the – and repeat the process

To ge information on a parcel click on the I button then click on a parcel.

How current is the information?
The color map is reflown annually and the high resolution black and white layer was taken in June 2001. The data is updated as it becomes available from the county. Please note that it can take up to a year to record and return county parcel data. The black and white hi resolution photo is updated as funding allows.

How can I get more information on Community Maps?
Click below to send E-Mail to the City’s GIS Specialist or call Pablo at 949 361-8376
EMail about How can I get more information on Community Maps?

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