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What is the Emergency Medical Transportation Service Program?
The Ambulance subscription program is an alternative to the high costs of private emergency medical transportation. The program is provided by the Orange County Fire Authority for all legal dependents of your household for $40.00 a year.

How often can I use the service?
The service covers you and all legal dependents of your household as many times as emergency service is needed during the year.

Where can I use the service?
The program is only offered to residents of San Clemente for services provided within the city limits.

How do I apply?
Contact San Clemente City Hall at 100 Ave Presidio (949) 361-8282 for an application. Within 10 days of receipt of your paid and completed application you will be mailed a Certificate for Service.
Click here for Application in PDF format

How does the billing work?
When 911 is called the Fire Authority will respond, treat and transport to Saddleback Memorial Medical Center – San Clemente. Your insurance will be billed and if you are a subscriber, fees not covered by your insurance are covered under this subscription. If you are not a subscriber, the usual fees for services rendered by the Orange County Fire Authority will be due and payable.

What are sample Fees without this subscription?
EMT/Ambulance Service:
Residents = $417.75
Non-Residents = $671.75

Paramedic Service:
Residents = $827.50
Non-Residents = $1,027.50 Plus mileage $15.50/mile and the actual cost of any supplies.

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