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What is the Street Improvement Program?
The Street Improvement Program was adopted by the City Council in July, 1995. The purpose of the program was to restore about 60 miles or one-half of the City's street system over an 18 year period. The program was funded by a combination of revenue from (1) Street Assessment District 95-1, which assesses all developed properties, (2) the General Fund and (3) the Gas Tax Fund. In addition, the Water, Sewer, and Storm Drain Funds will paid for work done to various underground facilities in conjunction with the street work. The program ended in December of 2012 and the City is evaluating options for adopting a similar program in the future.
If you have any questions regarding the Street Program contact Tom Frank at the Public Works Department, 910 Calle Negocio, Suite 100, San Clemente, CA. 92673, or (949) 361-6127 or e-mail at
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Program Status
Since the approval of the program in July 1995, one hundred and fifty-eight (158) street projects have been completed. An additional sixteen (16) projects are scheduled to be constructed within FY 2004/05. Of the 174 street projects, 57 projects were accelerated from their original schedule. Forty-three (43) projects were accelerated within the first 10-year period and fourteen (14) street projects were accelerated from beyond the 10-year period.
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Details on Funding
The Street Improvement Program is funded from the City’s General Fund, the Gas Tax Fund, and the City-wide Street Improvement Assessment District. The program proposed that approximately 60 miles of streets be resurfaced or reconstructed over an 18 year period at an estimated cost of $43.1 million. An annual inflation factor of 3% was used to project the program’s revenues and expenditures. Click on the following link for the latest update.
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