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Development Services

The Development Section processes development projects from inception to completion, including coordination with the Planning and Building Divisions. Staff also processes plan checks of final maps, improvement and grading plans for new development, issues permits for encroachments, grading, construction inspection and well permits for residential and commercial developments. Development staff is also available at the counter to provide the public with assistance and respond to their inquiries.

All forms and documents associated with development can be found by clicking here for the Forms/Documents Library, which can also be found under the Information menu.

How do I contact the Development Section of Engineering?
Building Staff

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Engineering Staff

Customer Service Email


Susan Mathieu

Customer Liaison (949) 361-6100




Development Staff


Zachary Ponsen

Sr. Civil Engineer (949) 361-6135 Email



Shawn Ryan

Assistant Engineer (949)361-6122 Email



Ron Nicholas

Sr. Engineering Technician (949) 361-6141 Email



Sue Dunbar

Management Analyst II (949) 361-6122 Email



Jeff Ferrier

Sr. Construction Inspector (949) 361-6124 Email



Dan Lowrie

Construction Inspector (949) 361-6123 Email


Additional Contact Information:
Fax (949) 366-4741
Mail/Walk-In Address Engineering Division
910 Calle Negocio Suite 100
San Clemente, CA 92673
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