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Special Event Permit Application
We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your special event. If your event meets the criteria (mentioned below), click on the link or call the Beaches, Parks and Recreation Department at (949) 361-8264 for more information. Event applications with the application fee must be submitted 60 days in advance of your event date. If the application is submitted less than 60 days of the event, then the application will not be reviewed.
Special Event Application

If your event is not a special event as defined below, but you want to rent one of the facilities at the Community Center, Ole Hanson Beach Club, or San Clemente Aquatics Center, including parks or ball fields, click here for more information. If you need information on offering classes, such as boot camps, surf lesson, or exercise, email Wendyann Fernandez at Fernandezw@san-clemente.org.

Special Event Permit Criteria
If you are planning an organized activity on public property within the City of San Clemente, you may need a "Special Event Permit". Special Events are usually open to the public, impact public right-of-way, and involve activities outside of normal policy and use of public property.
For example (but not limited to): Block Parties, Parades, Surf Contests, Athletic Events, Carnivals, and other large public events all require a Special Event Permit.

Activities such as construction projects, funerals or activities that do not at least partially impact the public right-of-way, nor attract more than 20 people during any given 24-hour period do not require a special event permit.

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