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What is the purpose of the Beaches & Parks Maintenance Division?
The Beaches and Parks Maintenance Division promotes, provides and facilitates park and leisure services designed to reach all segments of the community. In this effort, the department is a provider and advocate for (1) the preservation and enhancement of land and ocean related open spaces, and streetscapes; (2) the provision of recreation and leisure services that support individuals, the family and the children of our community, and (3) the facilitation of park and leisure services through other public and private community-based organizations.

What does Beaches and Parks Maintenance do?
The Beaches & Parks Maintenance Division consists of Trail Maintenance, Vista Hermosa Sports Park Maintenance, Tree Maintenance, Streetscape Maintenance, Parks Maintenance, Beach Maintenance, and Steed Park Maintenance. The Division currently maintains 324.04 acres, including 176.60 acres at 21 parks and beach accesses, 20 acres of sand beaches, and 13.3 miles (21.99 acres) of hiking trails. Included in the responsibilities are 63.97 acres of streetscape medians and parkways; 41.48 acres of Utilities Division facilities including a water reclamation facility, water reservoirs, well sites, and pump stations; and approximately 15,000 trees located in parks, on the beaches, City streets and medians.

How do I contact the Beaches & Parks Maintenance Division?
You may contact the Beaches & Parks Maintenance Division by telephone, fax, E-Mail, mail, or walk in.

  • (949) 361-8317: After hours, weekend and holiday emergency contact
  • (949) 361-8223: Inspector Coordinator and Contract Inspectors
  • (949) 361-8241: Beaches & Parks Facilities Maintenance Coordinator and Maintenance Worker
  • (949) 361-8278: Beaches & Parks Manager
  • (949) 361-8317: Beaches & Parks Administrative Assistant
  • (949) 361-8340: Fax
  • Beaches & Parks Manager
  • 390 Avenida Pico, Bldg. A, San Clemente, CA 92672: mail and walk in contact
  • (949) 361-8317: After hours, weekend and holiday emergency contact

  • Where is the Park & Beach Maintenance Division located ?
    The Beaches & Parks Maintenance Division is located at 390 Avenida Pico, Building A.

    What are the days and hours of operation?
    The Beaches & Parks Maintenance Division is staffed from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and from 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on alternate Fridays.

    What is the current staffing?
    The Beaches and Parks Maintenance Division has eight full time employees, including three Maintenance Contract Inspectors, one Inspector Coordinator, one Maintenance Worker II, one Facilities Maintenance Coordinator, one Administrative Assistant and one Beaches & Parks Manager.

    What contracts are administered by Beaches & Parks Maintenance?
    Vista Hermosa Sports Park Landscape Maintenance: TruGreen LandCare
    Beach Maintenance: TruGreen LandCare
    Beach Trail Maintenance: Stewart & Associates
    Landscape Rodent Control: Animal Pest Management
    Parks Maintenance: TruGreen LandCare
    Playground Maintenance: Lippert Building Company
    Restroom Maintenance: TruGreen LandCare
    Special Event & Holiday Maint. Support: Stewart & Associates
    Steed Park Maintenance: Stewart & Associates
    Streetscape Maintenance: TruGreen LandCare
    Trails: Stewart & Associates
    Trees: Rod’s Tree Service
    Water Facility Landscape Maintenance: Vista Del Verde Landscape

    Friends of San Clemente Beaches, Parks, and Recreation Foundation
    Mission Statement – “Friends of San Clemente Foundation is dedicated to building a stronger community through its support of beaches, parks, recreation, cultural and educational activities.”

    The Foundation was founded in 2000 as a vehicle to assist our City in meeting its parks, and recreational goals. We receive, invest and distribute funds, property and other resources to aid, sponsor, promote, advance and assist in the provision of public parks, beaches, recreation, cultural and educational services in and for the City of San Clemente.

    A non-profit, tax-exempt California Corporation. Members of the Board of Directors serve in a voluntary capacity. Additional volunteers participate in many of our various programs and projects. We work harmoniously with the City of San Clemente Parks and Recreation Department for developing and improving resources.

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