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Mission and Services


To provide Engineering services for the planning, design, inspection and construction of infrastructure necessary to meet existing and future demands for adequate basic services that include transportation, water supply, sewerage collection and treatment, and drainage facilities. Also provides service through the City’s environmental programs, including urban runoff, source reduction and recycling.


The Engineering Division consists of Administration, Inspection, Traffic, Capital Improvement Projects(CIP), Development, and Environmental Services.

  • The Administration Section provides management of operations and services. It also sets policies and procedures, administers funding and fee programs, updates and implements legal mandates and ensures compliance in the subdivision process and public works construction.
  • Inspection provides assurance that grading, water, sewer, streets, drainage and City facilities are completed to plans and specifications.
  • Traffic provides service to the public regarding traffic, parking and all other aspects of transportation in the City and addresses regional traffic issues.
  • Capital Improvement Projects provides engineering and public facilities design, administration and construction of public works and projects, including infrastructure, CIP and replacement projects.
  • Development reviews development projects, including coordination with the Planning Division, plan checks final maps and all grading/improvement plans for new development, and issues permits for grading and public works improvements.
  • Environmental Services protects and preserves the community’s public health and the environment through the promotion of recycling programs and the implementation of activities to reduce and eliminate urban runoff pollution from industrial, commercial, new development/construction, and residential areas that may enter the storm drainage system.
    • Storm Water Local Implementation Plan
      The Storm Water Local Implementation Plan (LIP) is the City’s local plan for implementing a variety of activities to comply with storm water permit requirements. The LIP is based on model programs and guidance developed jointly by the County of Orange and Orange County cities.

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Engineering Related Information
Common Questions
Engineering Technical Standards (4.65 MB)
Water and Sewerage Facility Standards (11 MB)
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