Shelter Questions?
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I want to adopt a pet. What do I do and how much does it cost?
To adopt your new pet the first step would be to visit the animals at the shelter, find one that tugs at your heart. Go to the front office to get more information. Adoption fees are as follows:

Dog Adoption - $125.00
Puppy Adoption (under 4 months of age) - $150.00

Cat Adoption - $100.00
Kitten Adoption (under 4 months of age) - $150.00

Rabbits are $45.00 and other small animal adoption fees vary.

An adoption application must be completed prior to all adoptions. Remember, research the breed and animal you're about to adopt! If you would like to view our pets on-line, please click below.
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When are you open and how do I get to the shelter?
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 10am-4pm
  • Wed 10am – 7pm
  • Thurs-Sat 10am-4pm
  • Sunday 12 noon – 3pm

  • Directions to the shelter are:

    From the 5 fwy. head east on Ave. Pico
    Right on Avenida La Pata
    Right on Calle Extremo
    Right on Ave. Fabricante
    The address is 221 Avenida Fabricante
    Click on the link below for a map.
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    Do I need to get a pet license and if so how do I do it?
    Yes. You are required to obtain a dog license when your pet is 4 months of age. We strongly encourage all your pets to have some form of identification on them at all times. To get a dog license you can come to the shelter or call us and we will send you an application. You will need a rabies vaccination certificate valid for the entire licensing year. If your pet is spayed or neutered please have your certificate as well.

    License fees are as follows:
    A one year license for an unaltered dog is $50.00; one year license for an altered dog is $15.00.
    There is a $15.00 late fee if the license is 30 days overdue, and a $20.00 late fee for licenses over 6 months late.
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    I lost my pet what can I do?
    Losing a pet can be very upsetting but there are things you can do to improve your chances of getting it back...
    Call and visit your local animal shelter, place a newspaper ad in the local paper.
    Canvas your neighborhood with flyers about your pet being lost.
    Check with your local animal shelter daily and visit no less than every third day.
    Click on the link below for more information.
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    My neighbors pet is a nuisance. What can I do?
    We understand that this can be a difficult situation but if handled appropriately the problem can be solved. These issues typically center on dogs running loose unrestrained in a neighborhood, dogs and cats doing their “business” on your property, and nuisance barking complaints.

    Effective May 16th, 2008 nuisance barking complaints will be handled differently, go back to the main “Animal Services” webpage, and look for the icon entitled, “Barking Dogs”, and utilize that procedure.

    For issues other than barking, we recommend you try the following steps:

  • 1. If you’re comfortable talking with your neighbor, speak to them about the problem when you are not upset, or leave them a note asking them to contact you about the issue. If the problem persists.

  • 2. Call our office and lodge a complaint. There are code restrictions for animals defecating on other people’s property as well as dogs running loose unleashed, or being unlicensed.

  • 3. Be prepared to give detailed information to the office staff including your name and address, the animals owners name if possible and address minimally, as well as a description of the animal, and the circumstances of your concern.

  • 4. Keep in mind any information you provide to Animal Services is a matter public record and is discoverable by the animal owner should they request the information.

  • I was bitten, what should I do?
    Seek appropriate medical care if necessary.
    The law requires you to report a bite to your local animal control authority.
    You may contact the San Clemente – Dana Point Animal Shelter at (949) 492-1617 during normal business hours or contact the Sheriff Department after hours and they will put you in contact with an Animal Control Officer.
    Attempt to get the correct address where the animal lives so we may follow up with quarantine issues if necessary.
    Call the San Clemente – Dana Point Animal Shelter or the Sheriff’s Department immediately if the dog is still running loose.

    I found a stray dog, what should I do?
    If you have found a stray dog, please contact the shelter to make arrangements to have it picked up or you may bring it to the shelter.

    There is a wild animal(s) that has me concerned. What can I do?
    San Clemente borders Cleveland National Forest so wild animals are common.
    CASA does not trap or relocate wildlife.
    Although the beauty of our wildlife is a wonderful thing, sometimes problems do occur. To help keep wildlife problems to a minimum we ask you to keep all sources of food and water out of the yard. Keep trash lids secure. You can also use rags soaked in ammonia, mothballs or cayenne pepper around the yard.
    For more tips on wildlife you can visit the California Fish and Game website for more information.

    For More Information Please visit the following websites: |

    What can I do with an injured animal?
    If you find or see an injured animal please contact us as soon as possible. If this is during our business hours please call (949) 492-1617; if after business hours please call the Orange County Sheriffs Department at (949) 770-6011. Remember all animals can bite; please insure your safety, then the animals.

    How can I find out more about the San Clemente/Dana Point Animal Services Authority?
    You are welcome to contact us at (949) 492-1617. Or you can visit our shelter. We have wonderful volunteers that give their time in our front office answering phone and assisting public, walking all our shelter dogs, and in our cat room loving all the cats and kittens.

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