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Is there an Agency in Orange County that promotes workforce and business development?

The South Orange County Business Services Center is a cooperative effort between The Orange County Workforce Investment Board, The South Orange County Regional One-Stop Center, and ProPath, Inc. to promote workforce and business development throughout South Orange County.
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In a place known for its perfect weather, San Clemente enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate that enhances our community's distinctive seaside lifestyle.

Temperatures Ave. High Ave. Low
December 66 46
March 63 47
June 68 58
September 73 60

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Shopping - Retail and Service

Shopping - Retail and Service

San Clemente provides its residents and visitors with a variety of retail shopping experiences and service opportunities. Major points of shopping interest include:
  • Historic Downtown - Avenida Del Mar
  • Pico Pavillion and Pico
  • Plaza Pier Bowl - San Clemente Pier
  • Ocean View Plaza
  • Lucky's Center
  • Gateway Plaza
  • North & South El Camino Real
  • Plaza Pacifica
  • Marblehead Coastal Promenade
  • Talega Town Center

Restaurants & Hospitality

Casual and fine dining can be enjoyed in a variety of restaurants in San Clemente. The City is host to an international array of excellent cuisine's including French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, German, Swiss and Continental dining.


There are hundreds of guest rooms and meeting facilities to accommodate visitors, traveling employees and out-of-town clients. San Clemente's accommodations include quaint bed and breakfast suites, resort condominiums with complete kitchens, hotels with conference capabilities and moderately priced motel properties. Many of San Clemente's rooms have ocean views and are all close to beautiful beaches; and shopping opportunities.


San Clemente is served by two major universities: University of California, Irvine and California State University, Fullerton several private four-year colleges, including Chapman College in Orange and by numerous community colleges, including Saddleback College in Mission Viejo and Irvine Valley College in Irvine. The City's young people (K-12) are served by the Capistrano Unified School District, with a total District enrollment of 31,130. Within San Clemente, there are:

  • Five elementary schools, grades K-5
  • Three junior high school, grades 6-8 (one combined K-6)
  • One high school, grades 9-12
  • Numerous quality adult education programs
  • Three private schools

For further information about local School District programs, call (949) 489-7000.

City Council

The City of San Clemente was incorporated in 1928 as a General Law city and operates under a Council/Manager form of government. There is a five-member City Council elected at large to serve four-year, over-lapping terms and each year the Council elects one of its own members to serve as Mayor for a one year period. In addition to the City Council, there is an elected City Clerk and City Treasurer who serve four-year terms as well. As a General Law City, the City Council appoints a professional City Manager to implement policies and oversee various City departments and service programs. The City Council also appoints a City Attorney to provide legal counsel on various municipal matters.

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Citizen Commissions and Committees

The City Council believes that the residents of San Clemente should play an active role in determining the current and future direction of our community. To ensure broad-based citizen participation, the City Council has established and makes appointments to the following commissions and committees:

  • Coastal Advisory Committee - The Coastal Advisory Committee consists of seven citizens who are elected to 2 year terms and serves in an advocacy role to outside agencies, organizations and individuals to address the beach as a treasured resource in terms of its recreational and economic benefits.
  • Golf Course Committee - Consisting of seven members, serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council in the planning, use and operation of the City's municipal golf course.
  • Human Affairs Committee - Consisting of seven members, acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters pertaining to human service needs within the community.
  • Beaches, Parks and Recreation Commission - Consisting of seven members, serves in an advisory capacity to the City Council on matters pertaining to the planning, development and maintenance of parks, recreational facilities, parkways, medians and street trees. The Commission also serves in an oversight capacity to the Youth Advisory Committee.
  • Planning Commission - Consisting of seven members, conducts regularly scheduled public meetings and public hearings and makes decisions on use permits, variances and sign exceptions. The Commission also makes recommendations to the City Council on matters such as subdivision maps, zoning amendments, specific plans and amendments to the City's General Plan and also serves as the City Traffic Commission, which provides review of traffic and parking matters to the City Council.

Management Team

The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City and is appointed by the City Council.  George Scarborough was appointed City Manager of San Clemente in July of 2003. The members of the City's senior management team are:

  • Assistant City Manager, Pall Gudgeirsson
  • City Clerk, Joanne M. Baade
  • Public Works Director/City Engineer, William E. Cameron
  • Director of Beaches, Parks and Recreation, Sharon Heider
  • Director of Community Development, James S. Holloway
  • Chief of Police Services, John Coppock

Municipal Services

Police Services: The City contracts with the Orange County Sheriff's Department for law enforcement services, These services include patrol, investigation, traffic enforcement, parking control, crime prevention, crossing guards, forensic services and dispatch services.

Fire Protection Services: The City contracts with the Orange County Fire Authority to provide emergency services in the event of fire, medical emergency and other disasters. Other services include fire prevention and public education/information.

Library Services: The San Clemente Branch Library is part of the Orange County Public Library System. The Library is located at 242 Avenida Del Mar and contains more than 60,000 volumes Special collections include foreign language publications, videos, oversized books and cassettes.

Beaches, Parks and Recreation: San Clemente is renowned for its recreational opportunities. In addition to five miles of world class beaches on the "California Riviera," the City is also home to three beautiful and challenging golf courses 17 parks and ballfields; public tennis courts; a fishing pier bicycle paths and walking and jogging trails. The Department offers organized recreational activities and opportunities for all age groups including sports activities, special events, cultural arts programs and aquatics programs.

Community Development: The Community Development Department is responsible for the City's land use planning and development. The Planning Division maintains and administers the General and Specific Plans for the City's future development and improvement. The Building Division is responsible for ensuring that all Uniform Building Codes are adhered to and utilized in the construction of new buildings or improvements to existing buildings. Code enforcement operations ensure that residents and Businesses comply with San Clemente's municipal regulations.

Public Works: The Public Works Department is responsible for the design, construction and repair of public improvements including streets, sidewalks, storm drains and street lights. The Department is also responsible for the City's water, sewer, solid waste and storm drain utilities. Emergency Planning and Ecomnomic Developement programs are included in this department

Finance and Administrative Services: The Finance and Administrative Services Department manages the City's financial and administrative operations which consist of accounting, data processing, personnel management, risk management, purchasing, preparation of the annual budget and long-term financial planning.

Public Utility Services

Water: The City of San Clemente operates its own water production and distribution system and ensures that residential and commercial receive adequate supplies of safe water for domestic and fire fighting purposes. Water Service Phone: (949) 361-8315 Water Complaints Phone: (949) 366-1553

Sewer: The City of San Clemente operates its own wastewater collection, treatment and disposal Facilities. Collection and transportation of the community's wastewater to the treatment facility is accomplished through an underground system of pipes and pump stations. At the treatment facility, wastewater is properly treated through a series of physical, biological and chemical treatment processes. The facility also manufactures up to 2.2 MGD of reclaimed water for delivery to authorized sites in the City. Phone: (949) 366-1553

Electricity: The City of San Clemente is served by the San Diego Gas and Electric Company. The regional administrative offices are located at 662 Camino de Los Mares, San Clemente, CA 92673. Phone: (949) 495-6181 - 24 hours

Gas: The City of San Clemente is served by the Southern California Gas Company, located at 28242 Marguerite Parkway, Mission Viejo, 92629. Phone: (800) 427-2200

Telephone: The City of San Clemente is served by SBC. Residential Service Phone: (800) 491-2355 Business Service Phone: (800) 300-2355 and by Cox Communications, with offices located at 29947 Avenida De Las Banderas, Rancho Santa Margarita. Service Phone: (949) 240-1212 Advertising Phone: (949) 831-7018

Cable Television: The City of San Clemente is served by Cox Communications, with offices located at 29947 Avenida De Las Banderas, Rancho Santa Margarita.  Service Phone: (949) 240-1212 Advertising Phone: (949) 831-7018

Refuse Collection and Recycling: The City of San Clemente contracts for refuse collection services with CR&R, 31641 Ortega Highway, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92693. Phone: (877) 728-0446


The San Diego Freeway (1-5), the State's major north-south artery, serves San Clemente and provides a 40 minute commute to northern Orange County or 60 minutes to Downtown San Diego. Los Angeles is located approximately 60 miles to the northwest. The Foothill Transportation Corridor is a planned 27.7 mile toll road which will connect with the Eastern Transportation Corridor at Portola Road and Canyon Road and extend south to join the 1-5 Freeway just south of San Clemente.

Airports: John Wayne (Orange County) Airport is located approximately 25 miles north of San Clemente. John Wayne Airport has more than doubled its passenger capacity and dramatically increased the number of major domestic carriers and commuter airlines departing daily from the airport. Los Angeles International Airport is located approximately 60 miles north of San Clemente. One of the busiest airports in the world, LAX has all of the major domestic and international airlines, serving points all over the globe. San Diego's Lindberg Field, located approximately 60 miles south of San Clemente, provides most major domestic and commuter airline service.

Rail Service: Passenger service is currently available on Amtrak. Stations are located in San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Irvine, Santa Ana and Anaheim. For Amtrak information, call (800) 872-7245. Starting in January 1995, Metrolink commuter trains inaugurated service for the City of San Clemente, providing peak hour commuter transportation to key cities in both Orange and Los Angeles County. The Metrolink Station is located in the North Beach area near the intersection of North El Camino Real and Avenida Pico. For Metrolink information, call (800) 371-LINK.

Bus Service: The Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) provides four bus service lines to the City.

  • Route 1 provides service every 30 minutes between Long Beach and San Clemente along Pacific Coast Hwy. / El Camino Real.
  • Route 91 provides service between the Laguna Hills Transportation Center (Laguna Hills Mall) and the San Clemente Metrolink Station at the North Beach area.
  • Route 191 provides service between San Clemente and Saddleback College and the Mission Viejo Mall. This route serves K-Mart Plaza, SC Hospital, Rancho San Clemente Business Park, Rancho San Clemente residential area, SC Metrolink, SC Pier and the south part of the City.
  • Route 193 is a local bus route within the City. It runs between K-Mart Plaza and the SC Metrolink Station by running thru Camino de los Mares, Camino Vera Cruz, Walmart Plaza and Avenida Pico.
  • Routes are subject to change and further information may be obtained from the internet or by calling 714-636-RIDE (7433)

Ports: The Ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego provide excellent shipping facilities for the export and import of goods. For shipping information call: Port of Los Angeles (310) 732-7678, Port of Long Beach (562) 437-0041, Port of San Diego (619) 291-3900

Office of the City Manager
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