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You are welcome to utilize the City’s ball fields from 6:00am to 10:00pm, without charge or reservation, on a first-come, first served basis unless a permit is required or a field has been reserved. A permit is required for: a reservation of a ball field, lighted evening use, all sport organization and club activities, any commercial use, any use of sports park fields. For more information, please contact the Recreation Division at (949) 429-8797 for field availability.

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BONITO CANYON PARK - 1304 Calle Valle (map)
Bonito Canyon - Lighted Baseball/Softball Field (275ft)

FORSTER RANCH COMMUNITY PARK - 3207 Camino Vera Cruz & 1291 Sarmentoso (map)
Forster #2 - Unlighted Baseball/Softball Field (220ft)
Forster #3 - Unlighted Multi-purpose Field and Running Track (200ft x 475ft)
Forster #4 - Unlighted Multi-purpose Field (175ft x 350ft)
Forster #5 - Unlighted Multi-purpose Field (255ft x 350ft)
Forster #6 - Unlighted Multi-purpose Field (115ft x 270ft)

LIBERTY PARK - 390 Calle Saluda (map)
Liberty #1 - Unlighted Multi-purpose Field (175ft x 320ft)
Liberty #2 - Unlighted Baseball/Softball Field (220ft)
Liberty #3 - Unlighted Baseball/Softball Field (220ft)

Softball/Baseball complex with four lighted fields. Approximately 285’ to outfield fence, base anchors at 60’, 65’, 70’, 80’, 90'.

SAN GORGONIO PARK - 2916 Via San Gorgonio (map)
San Gorgonio #1 - Lighted Baseball Field (360ft, grass infield or 165ft x 230ft multi-purpose)
San Gorgonio #2 - Lighted Baseball/Softball Field (220ft)
San Gorgonio #3 - Lighted Multi-Purpose Field (200ft x 490ft) CLOSED FOR MAINTENANCE THROUGH AUGUST

TALEGA PARK- 179 Corte Cristianitos (map)
Talega #1 - Unlighted Baseball/Softball Field (220ft)
Talega #2 - Unlighted Multi-Purpose/Soccer Field (125ft x 250ft)

TIERRA GRANDE PARK - 399 Camino Tierra Grande (map)
Tierra Grande #1 - Unlighted Multi-purpose Field (185ft x 310ft)
Tierra Grande #2 - Unlighted Baseball/Softball Field (220ft)
Tierra Grande #3 - Unlighted Baseball/Softball Field (210ft)

VISTA BAHIA - 402 Calle Bahia (map)
Arlie Waterman Field - Lighted Baseball Field (200ft)

VISTA HERMOSA SPORTS PARK - 987 Avenida Vista Hermosa
Sports Park #1 - lighted football, lacrosse synthetic turf (300ft)
Sports Park #2 - lighted 90' baseball, grass infield, shaded bleachers (310-360ft fence)
Sports Park #3 - lighted 60' baseball,grass infield (200ft fence) CLOSED FOR REST
Sports Park #4 - lighted 60' baseball, grass infield (200ft fence) CLOSED FOR REST
Sports Park #5 - lighted soccer, synthetic turf, shaded bleachers (195ft x 330ft)
Sports Park #6 - lighted soccer, lacrosse synthetic turf (195ft x 330ft)

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