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Click to DownloadSize in MBTypeLast Change
1A - Declaration of a Water Shortage0.2PDF8/12/2014
6A July 15 CC Minutes0.8PDF8/12/2014
6A July 23 CC Minutes0.1PDF8/12/2014
6A July 24 CC Minutes0.1PDF8/12/2014
6B BPR Commission Minutes June 100.2PDF8/12/2014
6B Downtown Walking Tour Planning Commission Minutes0.1PDF8/12/2014
6B Golf Course Commission minutes July 30.3PDF8/12/2014
6B June 12 CAC Minutes0.4PDF8/12/2014
6B May 8 CAC Minutes0.3PDF8/12/2014
6B Planning Commission Minutes July 161.2PDF8/12/2014
6B Planning Commission Study Session Minutes July 160.1PDF8/12/2014
6B Zoning Administrator Minutes July 160.1PDF8/12/2014
6D AWS Legal Expenses0.1PDF8/12/2014
6E OCTA Master Funding Agreement0.2PDF8/12/2014
6F NPDES Program Costs1.5PDF8/12/2014
6G Traffic Signal Upgrades (1)0.4PDF8/12/2014
6H Communications Site Lease Agreement1.8PDF8/12/2014
6I Traffic Signal Systems Upgrade Project0.4PDF8/12/2014
6J CalPERS Resolution0.2PDF8/12/2014
6K Water Reclamation Plant Solids Handling Rehab0.2PDF8/12/2014
6L Computerized Maintenance Management System - Copy0.1PDF8/12/2014
6M Reservoir 1 Roof Replacement - Copy0.2PDF8/12/2014
6N Ave Vista Hermosa Interchange Right of Way1.9PDF8/12/2014
6O Adopted General Plan Consulting Agreement1.5PDF8/12/2014
7A Marblehead CFD0.1PDF8/12/2014
7B SB25.4PDF8/12/2014
9A Appointment of New City Manager0.5PDF8/12/2014
Warrant Register 10.7PDF8/12/2014
Warrant Register 20.8PDF8/12/2014
Warrant Register 30.9PDF8/12/2014
Warrant Register 40.8PDF8/12/2014
Warrant Register 50.6PDF8/12/2014
Warrant Register0.6PDF8/12/2014
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