Urban Design Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Urban Forest/Trees

The urban forest collectively refers to all of the trees growing in San Clemente. The urban forest improves the built environment, provides a connection to and helps sustain the natural world, and frames important places in the community. Trees improve air quality, reduce the heat island effect, improve property values, serve as habitat for a variety of animal species, improve communities’ sense of place, and help reduce erosion and runoff. Trees also enhance community aesthetics and provide health and recreation benefits.


Achieve and preserve a well-maintained, healthy stock of mature trees and expanded tree canopy that provide numerous aesthetic, environmental, economic, social and health benefits.


UD-6.01. Built Environment. In the built environment, we will enhance and maintain a diversity of tree species that are resilient to environmental changes, pests and diseases, enhance the character and design themes of individual districts and neighborhoods, and implement City landscape and streetscape guidelines and ordinances.
UD-6.02. Natural Open Space and Conservation Areas. In open space and conservation areas, we support natural and indigenous landscaping.
UD-6.03. City Priorities. We prioritize City street tree planting on primary and secondary streets.
UD-6.04. Partnerships for Neighborhood Streets. We initiate neighborhood street tree improvement efforts with homeowners associations and property owners through technical assistance, a promotional program and cooperation in granting right-of-way encroachment permits.
UD-6.05. Historically Significant Public Landscape. We require that historically significant public landscapes, as identified in the City’s Tree Inventory, are designated as historic resources and are preserved.
UD-6.06. Public View Corridors. We require that street trees planted along designated public view corridors have narrow form and open structure to allow greater visual access. Careful placement of trees can achieve the desired goal without interruption of significant public views.
UD-6.07. Native Trees. We encourage planting trees native to coastal Southern California where they are visually, horticulturally and ecologically appropriate, such as Coast Live Oak and California Sycamore.
UD-6.08. Tree Preservation. We make every effort to preserve mature trees where possible by modifying street improvements or through proper horticultural methods before considering tree removal.


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