Urban Design Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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General plans typically guide development and land use; however, many do not provide adequate direction for maintaining the quality of the built environment. Ensuring that San Clemente and its various neighborhoods and districts are well maintained, safe and visually appealing is critical to our overall quality of life. Properties that are properly maintained retain their value, encourage community reinvestment and preserve and enhance community character.


Achieve a sustained level of maintenance and improvement of properties, buildings, landscaping and infrastructure that protects property values, encourages additional public and private investments and promotes San Clemente’s high quality of life.


UD-4.01. Long-Term Quality. We require all public and privately owned structures, above-ground infrastructure (including utilities), landscaping and property (including trails and easements) to be designed and maintained to ensure their long-term quality and appearance.
UD-4.02. Monitoring. We periodically inspect the conditions of buildings in the City and enforce pertinent building and Municipal Code.
UD-4.03. Education. We promote programs and work with local service organizations and educational institutions to inform residential, commercial, and industrial property owners and tenants regarding methods for the maintenance and upkeep of their property.
UD-4.04. Community/Neighborhood Based Efforts. We encourage community and neighborhood-based efforts for the maintenance and renovation of structures, sites and neighborhoods.
UD-4.05. Economic Assistance. We provide economic assistance, as funds are available, for the improvement of physically deteriorated and blighted structures in the City.
UD-4.06. Maintenance of Infrastructure and the Public Realm. As resources allow, we maintain and where appropriate, improve infrastructure and the public realm, including landscaping, sidewalks, signage, furniture and other streetscape elements. We keep public facilities clean.


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