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San Clemente residents enjoy access to and views of natural open spaces. Several neighborhoods in San Clemente are adjacent to expansive open space resources, such as the Richard and Donna O’Neill Conservancy to the north and east of City limits, and San Onofre State Beach and Camp Pendleton to the south. These large open space areas at the urban-wildland interface contain vegetation that provides fuel for wildfires which can threaten life and property in San Clemente. Wildfires are of particular concern during Santa Ana wind events, when forceful winds blow dry air from the east to the west. They create extremely dry conditions in which wildfires can easily develop due to natural or human causes. Historically, wildfire is one of the most destructive hazards in San Clemente, affecting homes, businesses, the natural environment, and human lives.


Minimize risk to life, property, economic and social dislocation and disruption of vital services due to uncontrolled fire.


S-3.01. Fire and Building Codes. We coordinate with Orange County Fire Authority to proactively mitigate or minimize the adverse effects of structural fires, wildfires and related hazards like erosion, hazardous materials release and structural collapse by implementing appropriate fire and building codes.
S-3.02. Public Education. We coordinate with Orange County Fire Authority to provide public education tools to increase awareness of fire prevention measures.
S-3.03. Orange County Fire Authority. We contract with Orange County Fire Authority to maintain fire stations, equipment, and staffing to effectively respond to emergencies.
S-3.04. California Fire and Mutual Aid Plan. We cooperate with multiple fire prevention and suppression agencies through the California Fire and Mutual Aid Plan to coordinate appropriate responses to large-scale wildfires.
S-3.05. Peak Water Supply. We maintain an adequate peak water supply for fire suppression capacity.
S-3.06. Evaluation. We coordinate with the Orange County Fire Authority to evaluate the effectiveness of fire safety strategies and implementation measures.
S-3.07. Balance Between Goals. We balance the need for fire safety and defensible landscape perimeters with biological and open space preservation goals, where applicable, consistent with the Coastal Conservation Plan.



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