Safety Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Radiological Hazards

The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) is the only nuclear power plant in Southern California. It is located in San Diego County, approximately three miles south of the City of San Clemente. SONGS is primarily owned by Southern California Edison, which is in charge of its operations and maintenance. The proximity of this facility to urbanized areas makes it a potential radiological hazard for the City and for other nearby jurisdictions. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission requires a 10-mile Emergency Planning Zone around the power plant. This is the defined plume exposure pathway. A 20-mile radius from SONGS is the Public Education Zone, in which educational materials are distributed. A 50-mile radius around the power plant is considered the Ingestion Pathway Zone, where radiation could impact agriculture, food processing and distribution.

The San Clemente Multi-Hazard Emergency Plan was created to prepare the community for potential emergency situations that could develop as a result of excessive radiation exposure from SONGS. The Multi-Hazard Emergency Plan outlines procedures for oversight, communication, emergency warning, evacuation, response, and recovery.


Minimize risk to public health, safety, and welfare, and the natural and built environments of the City of San Clemente through proper communication protocols and nuclear disaster preparedness.


S-5.01. Public Information. We proactively communicate with State and Federal agencies and Southern California Edison and seek to ensure the City and its residents are informed about the status of and conditions at SONGS.
S-5.02. Interagency Collaboration and Response. We collaborate with the counties of Orange and San Diego, the cities of Dana Point and San Juan Capistrano, the US Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California State Beaches and Parks, Southern California Edison and other local, state and federal government agencies with roles in radiological emergency response to ensure the City and our neighbors can conduct coordinated emergency response to an event at SONGS.
S-5.03. Public Education. We reduce risks to the public from radiological events through public awareness and education, by operating emergency warning systems, by establishing, updating, and implementing community protection in partnership with local, State and Federal government agencies, and through our readiness to implement emergency plans.
S-5.04. Transport of Radioactive Materials. We work with Southern California Edison to ensure the transport of radioactive materials through the City of San Clemente complies with all State and Federal standards and does not adversely affect human health, land uses and activities.
S-5.05. Recycling and Reuse of Radioactive Materials. We encourage the Federal government to investigate the feasibility and implementation of programs for recycling and reuse of radioactive materials.
S-5.06. SONGS Cogeneration Operations. We encourage Southern California Edison to safely use co-generation (e.g. utilizing the plant’s surplus heat as an alternative energy source or to create other products) operations at SONGS.
S-5.07. Disposal of Radioactive Fuel. We encourage the Federal government to establish a permanent, safe disposal site for spent nuclear fuel rods and the establishment of temporary sites, if needed, to move fuel away from San Clemente.


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