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Excessive noise can adversely affect human health and well-being, economic productivity, and property values, especially in areas where sensitive land uses such as senior housing, schools, child care, and hospitals are located. Mobile and stationary noise sources contribute to overall noise levels, and the impacts of both must be considered when considering environmental effects of new development. Bisected by Interstate 5, San Clemente’s primary noise source is from automobile, truck and motorcycle traffic. Passenger and freight rail services utilize a rail line that skirts the coastline and are also significant mobile noise sources. The City has successfully used federal tools to reduce train noise near sensitive land uses.

The General Plan is a tool for managing noise by planning for and maintaining compatibility between sensitive land uses and noise sources. Specific standards regulating the noise environment are provided by the San Clemente Noise Ordinance.


Minimize exposure to excessive noise levels by taking appropriate actions to avoid or mitigate the detrimental effects of exposure to excessive noise levels on humans and animals and in particular, on sensitive land uses.


S-4.01. Noise Control. We seek to control ambient and stationary noise conditions by maintaining baseline information, monitoring conditions, following State guidelines, and enforcing locally adopted ordinances and building codes.
S-4.02. Street Design. We design our streets to minimize noise impacts.
S-4.03. Interagency Collaboration. We encourage and collaborate with local, regional, and statewide transportation agencies to minimize transportation-related noise impacts and provide appropriate mitigation measures that also consider impacts to community character and on natural resources (e.g., views).
S-4.04. Balance Between Noise Control and View Protection. We will continue to work with local, State, and Federal agencies to reduce highway- and railroad-generated noise levels to within acceptable levels identified in the General Plan, while seeking to re-establish ocean views blocked by noise barriers on Interstate 5.
S-4.05. Rail-related Noise. We minimize the noise impact of passenger and freight rail service on sensitive land uses by coordinating with rail authorities to effectively manage train noise and by aggressively pursuing noise mitigation measures that apply to rail uses.
S-4.06. Truck Routes. We designate truck routes to minimize truck traffic noise impacts to sensitive land uses.
S-4.07. Collaboration with Camp Pendleton. We collaborate with the United States Marine Corps, Camp Pendleton, to minimize the impacts of noise- or vibration-inducing activities on San Clemente residents and to inform the community in advance when such activities will be conducted.



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