Safety Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Hazardous Materials

San Clemente’s industrial and manufacturing uses contribute to the City’s prosperity. However, these uses can pose hazards related to the use and storage of toxic materials and the creation of toxic waste as byproducts. The storage, transportation, and disposal of these materials are sensitive processes. Seismic activity, flooding, marine hazards, and fires can result in hazardous materials being released onto land or into the air and water, contaminating the environment and endangering public safety.

The transportation of hazardous materials is of particular concern in San Clemente. Hazardous materials are transported through the community due to San Clemente’s location along a busy rail route and along Interstate 5, a major north-south corridor for California.


Protect life, property, and the natural environment by minimizing the potential for exposure to and contamination from hazardous materials and waste.


S-6.01. Public Maps. We publicize areas of known hazardous materials contamination to reduce risk to public health, safety, and welfare.
S-6.02. Remediation Plans. We require owners of contaminated sites to develop a remediation plan with the assistance of the County of Orange and State and Federal government agencies.
S-6.03. Coordinated Response. We coordinate effective responses to hazardous materials incidents with other appropriate jurisdictions and agencies.
S-6.04. Local and Regional Participation. We participate in local and regional efforts to mitigate the potential for land, water, and air contamination from hazardous materials or waste, and work to help ensure clean-up of contaminated areas if a release occurs.
S-6.05. Disclosure Laws. Working with other public agencies, we help enforce disclosure laws that require the users, producers, and transporters of hazardous materials and waste to clearly identify these items.
S-6.06. Public Education. Working with other public agencies, we help disseminate information to the public about the proper disposal of household hazardous materials and waste, and encourage the use of non-toxic alternatives.


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