Safety Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Geologic, Seismic and Soil Hazards

There are no known active faults within the City of San Clemente; however, ground shaking resulting from regional seismic activity can have a significant local impact. Additionally, some areas where the water table is shallow with loose, unconsolidated sandy soils have the potential for liquefaction during a seismic event. Also, our coastal and canyon bluffs and hillsides can be steep and subject to landslides and slope failures. Potential geologic and soil hazards can be increased by inappropriate development, seismic activity and heavy rains. This section’s goal and policies, and the related implementation measures, seek to mitigate potential threats from geologic, seismic and soil hazards through information sharing and establishing appropriate development standards.


Minimize risk to life, property, economic and social dislocation and disruption of vital services that could result from geologic and seismic hazards.


S-1.01. Up to Date Information. We collect and maintain relevant data on fault locations, soils reports and other information that can help identify seismic or liquefaction potential and areas at risk of landslides.
S-1.02. Alquist-Priolo Act. If active or potentially active faults are identified, we will implement mandatory development restrictions and investigation requirements pursuant to the Alquist-Priolo Act.
S-1.03. Unreinforced Masonry Buildings. We require the retrofitting of unreinforced masonry buildings during remodels to minimize hazards to life and property due to an earthquake or other geologic hazards.
S-1.04. Landslide Risk. We prohibit development on unstable terrain, excessively-steep slopes and other areas deemed hazardous due to landslide risk, unless mitigation measures can assure public safety.
S-1.05. Development Location. We locate development so as to avoid landslides and other geological and soils hazards, to the maximum extent possible. Where development is subject to geological or soils hazards, we require that projects be designed to mitigate such hazards.
S-1.06. Assessment and Mitigation. Where appropriate, we require new development to assess the potential for liquefaction, slope instability and landslides and require that appropriate measures be incorporated into the project to mitigate such hazards.
S-1.07. Critical Facilities. We encourage property owners and agencies to ensure that existing buildings housing critical public facilities such as schools, hospitals and emergency services are seismically strengthened to meet applicable building codes.

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