Safety Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Emergency Services, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

Emergency services in San Clemente include police protection, fire prevention and suppression, emergency medical care, marine safety and City emergency planning. Police services are provided by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, fire and emergency medical services are provided by the Orange County Fire Authority, marine safety services are provided by the City of San Clemente Marine Safety Division and at State beaches by the State of California, and emergency preparedness is organized by the City’s Emergency Planning Section, Public Works Department. Maintaining safety in San Clemente’s neighborhoods, business districts, and beaches contributes to the community’s appeal to residents, business owners, and visitors. The City of San Clemente approaches emergency services and planning in a proactive manner that includes education and prevention strategies.

San Clemente is susceptible to a variety of natural and human-made safety hazards including earthquakes, floods, marine hazards, fires, crime, and radiation exposure. The General Plan seeks to mitigate these potential threats to life, property, environmental quality, and economic vitality through preventative measures and thorough careful emergency planning.


Continue to be a safe, disaster-resilient community that is prepared through effective community outreach, proactive monitoring, and efficient emergency services, response, recovery.


S-7.01. Staffing, Facilities and Supplies. We maintain adequate staffing, facilities and supplies for our police, fire, marine safety and emergency medical, and emergency planning services to provide appropriate and timely response to emergency needs.
S-7.02. Hazard Prevention Funding. We give high priority to strategies and funding for hazard-prevention services, training, educational materials, and facilities.
S-7.03. Outreach and Education. We provide community-based outreach and educational efforts to enable our residents to prepare for and respond appropriately in emergency situations, and to contribute to the overall safety of the community.
S-7.04. Interdepartmental and Interagency Collaboration. We collaborate among City departments and with organizations outside of the City for a comprehensive approach to emergency services and disaster preparedness, response and recovery, including continuity of operations (e.g. information technology and financial services.
S-7.05. Partnerships. We partner with other local, State and Federal emergency services agencies to enhance safety resources in the City of San Clemente.
S-7.06. Performance Measurement. We periodically analyze public safety data to evaluate the effectiveness of our strategies and allocate resources accordingly.
S-7.07. Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. We require new development to incorporate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design ((CPTED) features in the orientation and design of sites, buildings, streetscapes, and open spaces.
S-7.08. Management Programs and Warning Systems. We maintain emergency management programs and warning systems that meet State and Federal requirements.
S-7.09. Training. We regularly conduct training exercises to prepare for and evaluate emergency and disaster response and recovery procedures.
S-7.10. Outreach. We reach out to the community to educate, train and establish volunteer programs, to enhance the safety and disaster resilience of our community through volunteer programs, such as the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Program, Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP), Explorer Scouts, and Neighborhood Watch and Radio Amateur Citizen Emergency Services (RACES).



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