Safety Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Safety Element

The City of San Clemente seeks to protect the community from hazards related to geologic, seismic, and soil hazards; flooding, tsunami, and sea level change; excessive noise; hazardous materials; radiological hazards; wildfire; marine hazards; and illegal activities. The Safety Element seeks to minimize potential property damage and human injury by reducing the exposure of people and property to these hazards and the risks of their occurrence. This element is intended to enhance safety through advance preparation for catastrophic events and by preventing or mitigating conflicts that could adversely affect residents’, businesses’ and visitors’ safety.

One of the City’s primary tools for preparing and responding to hazards is the San Clemente Multi-Hazard Emergency Plan. This comprehensive tool identifies key response resources, assigns emergency planning and response responsibilities to City of San Clemente and supportive agency staff, establishes communication protocols, outlines preplanned response actions by hazard type, and provides the bases for personnel training and ongoing maintenance of the City’s emergency preparedness programs.


Continue to be a well-prepared community that understands and mitigates exposure to potential natural and human-made hazards and effectively responds to and recovers from public safety emergencies.

  1. Geologic, Seismic, and Soil Hazards
  2. Flooding and Marine Hazards
  3. Wildfire
  4. Noise
  5. Radiological Hazards
  6. Hazardous Materials
  7. Emergency Services, Preparedness, Response and Recovery


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