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Water and Wastewater

Given our State’s limited water supplies, water is a critical commodity that directly influences the health and success of all California communities. The City of San Clemente draws water from several sources, including groundwater from City wells, imported water from the Metropolitan Water District through the City’s wholesaler (Municipal Water District of Orange County), and recycled water. The majority of the community’s potable water supply is imported through purchases from the City’s wholesaler, Municipal Water District of Orange County. Three water districts serve different areas of the city—the City of San Clemente Water Utility serves the majority of the City, the Santa Margarita Water District provides water and wastewater services to the Talega community, and the South Coast Water District provides water and wastewater services to a small portion of north San Clemente. In 2013, desalinization treatment facilities and other regional supply sources are being evaluated which could play an important role in meeting San Clemente’s future needs.

Wastewater collection and treatment are important components of protecting public and environmental health. The City of San Clemente owns and operates a water treatment plant, located within the City. Reuse of treated wastewater is being evaluated at the State level and may be part of the community’s strategy for reducing imported water and using our water resources efficiently.


Maintain and improve a comprehensive system of potable water supply, storage and distribution, and wastewater treatment, reclamation, and reuse to meet daily and emergency needs in San Clemente.


PSFU-5.01. Water Resources. We ensure that existing and new development does not degrade San Clemente’s water resources.
PSFU-5.02. Conservation Policies and Ordinances. We review City policies, codes, development fees and service charges to ensure best management practices are followed to conserve water and ensure adequate funding for the operation, maintenance and development of water and wastewater facilities and services.
PSFU-5.03. Hazardous Materials. We require that new and existing business, public agencies or non-profits using or creating toxic substances and hazardous materials control their operations and adequately dispose of these materials in a manner that prevents degradation of San Clemente’s water resources.
PSFU-5.04. Septic Systems. We prohibit the use of septic systems in San Clemente.
PSFU-5.05. Water Supplies. We provide and maintain adequate water supplies and distribution facilities capable of meeting existing and future daily and peak demands, including fire flow requirements.
PSFU-5.06. Urban Water Management Plan. We strategically plan for an adequate water supply and distribution system by maintaining and updating the Urban Water Management Plan.
PSFU-5.07. Public Education. We use public education to promote rebate programs, water conservation and household strategies to minimize impacts to water quality (e.g., disposal methods for fats, grease and oils).
PSFU-5.08. Recycled Water. We encourage, and in some cases require, the use of recycled water when available through a Mandatory Use Ordinance. The City encourages the use of domestic greywater for non-potable, non-contact uses, including landscape irrigation, if there is no negative impact on urban runoff water quality and encourages the extension of recycled water facilities to serve all areas.
PSFU-5.09. Wastewater System. We provide and maintain a system of wastewater collection and treatment facilities to adequately convey and treat wastewater generated in the City of San Clemente service area.
PSFU-5.10. Wastewater Monitoring. We monitor wastewater treatment usage and capacity and plan for wastewater infrastructure improvements or new facilities.
PSFU-5.11. Low Impact Design Strategies. We require the use of low-impact site development designs and strategies to slow urban runoff, improve filtration, and reduce the volume of discharges through best management practices.
PSFU-5.12. Xeriscape Planting to Conserve Water. To conserve water, we require new development to plan drought-tolerant landscaping, consisting of at least 60 percent (by landscaped area) California Native plants, and encourage such plantings in existing development.


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