Public Services Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Storm Drainage

Like other cities, San Clemente owns and operates a storm drain system consisting of a network of channels and pipes that collect stormwater and urban runoff and convey them to the ocean to prevent flooding. Pollutants carried by the stormwater and runoff are discharged untreated along the city’s shoreline. Storm drains throughout the city are managed by the city, private property owners, or homeowners’ associations.


Establish and maintain adequate planning, construction, maintenance, and funding for storm drain and flood control facilities to support permitted land uses and preserve the public safety; upgrading existing deficient systems and expanding, where necessary, to accommodate new permitted development and to protect existing development in the City. Pursue public funding sources (e.g. grants) to reduce fiscal impacts of implementation to the City.


PSFU-6.01. Construction, Inspection and Maintenance. Provide for ongoing inspection and maintenance of existing public storm drains and flood control facilities and for the construction of upgraded and expanded storm drain and flood control facilities, where necessary, to protect existing and accommodate new permitted development.
PSFU-6.02. Drainage Master Plan. Provide for the review and, if necessary, update of the existing City Drainage Master Plan study in order to identify any deficiencies and needed improvements in the drainage system.
PSFU-6.03. Requirement for New Facilities. Require that adequate storm drain and flood control facilities be constructed coincident with new development.
PSFU-6.04. New Development Limitation. Limit new development, when necessary, until adequate flood control facilities are constructed to protect existing development and accommodate the new development runoff, or until mitigation is provided in accordance with the Growth Management Element.
PSFU-6.05. Development Review. Review development proposals for projects within the City's Sphere of Influence and encourage the County to disapprove any project which cannot be accommodated with an adequate drainage system.
PSFU-6.06. Location of Facilities. Consider, through the planning and design process, designs that provide for public utilities within the street right-of-way or some other easily accessed location.
PSFU-6.07. Funding Requirement. Require improvements to existing storm drain and flood control facilities necessitated by a new development proposal be borne by the project proponent; either through the payment of fees, or by the actual construction of the improvements in accordance with State Nexus Legislation.
PSFU-6.08. Special Districts. Consider allowing the formation of benefit assessment districts and community facilities districts, where appropriate, in which those who benefit from specific local storm drain and flood control improvements pay a pro rata share of the costs.
PSFU-6.09. Funding. Collect fees and charges to fund the operation/maintenance of existing facilities and to construct new facilities.


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