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Solid Waste and Recycling

As the community continues to change and grow, new strategies are needed to reduce solid waste generation, encourage recycling and reuse, and meet future waste collection and landfill needs. Although the City contracts for solid waste and recycling collection services with a private company, the City’s contracts, practices and codes affect solid waste and recycling throughout the community. The City can influence the community to help reduce the creation of solid waste and divert more solid waste away from landfills. Proper management of solid waste and recycling has environmental and economic benefits. Reducing solid waste benefits the environment by decreasing pressure on the landfills serving the region and by decreasing costs associated with the transport, disposal and recycling of solid waste.


Continue to implement a cost-effective solid waste management program (consisting of source reduction, collection, recycling and disposal that meets or exceeds State and Federal waste diversion and recycling standards.


PSFU-8.01. Coordination. We coordinate with contractors and other public agencies to identify and implement cost-effective solid waste and recycling strategies.
PSFU-8.02. AB 939 Monitoring. We monitor our solid waste generation and disposal/recycling facilities to ensure we meet or exceed AB 939 requirements for the diversion of solid waste, including construction and demolition waste.
PSFU-8.03. Education. We provide educational materials on waste reduction and recycling to local residents, businesses, and schools, and support school recycling programs.
PSFU-8.04. Styrofoam. We prohibit the use of food service items comprised of expandable polystyrene (Styrofoam) by food vendors within the City and in City Facilities, City-managed concessions, City-sponsored or co-sponsored events, City permitted events and all franchisees, contractors and vendors doing business with the City, and we discourage the sale and use of expanded polystyrene products citywide.
PSFU-8.05. Recycled Products (City Facilities/Events). In municipal operations, we purchase recycled-content products for City-owned facilities and City-sponsored events, when such products are cost effective.
PSFU-8.06. Recycling (City Facilities/Events). We recycle solid waste materials at all City facilities and events.
PSFU-8.07. Building Materials. We use recycled materials for building and facility construction, when financially feasible and safe to do so.



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