Public Services Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Library Services

Libraries are sources of lifelong learning and enrichment. San Clemente’s Public Library, a branch of the Orange County Library System, provides free access to collections of books and media in a wide range of subjects, titles and formats. Libraries provide the community with universal access to resources that are integral for education, leisure, personal growth, health, skill-building, and vocational training. They also foster social interaction, community ties and lifelong learning through educational programs for -residents of all ages.


Achieve a library system that meets community needs for library services, including a wide variety of outstanding educational and training opportunities to foster reading, personal growth, knowledge and technical skills for all residents.


PSFU-2.01. Library Services. We coordinate with the County of Orange to provide adequate library services and facilities that fulfill the needs of San Clemente residents and meet or exceed the County of Orange’s minimum library standards.
PSFU-2.02. Educational Programming. We encourage the County of Orange to provide reading and literacy programs and other educational programs at the local library branch or via other means for those who cannot visit library facilities.
PSFU-2.03. Funding. We support County of Orange efforts to provide adequate funding for improvements to local library facilities and programs through County, State and Federal funding, private and corporate donations or other resources.
PSFU-2.04. Technology. We encourage the adoption of technological advances that can provide improved access to library resources.
PSFU-2.05. Volunteers. We work with non-profit organizations, businesses and other public agencies to explore opportunities for grants and other special project funding for our local library.
PSFU-2.06. Focal Point of the Community. We coordinate with the County of Orange and Friends of the Library to promote and use the library for community meetings and events.
PSFU-2.07. Specialized Libraries. We encourage and support, where possible, specialized libraries that provide public benefits and access.



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