Public Services Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Public Services, Facilities, and Utilities Element Implementation Measures

  1. Publicize and promote the successes of the schools on an ongoing basis. While this is a typical responsibility of the local school district, we recognize that an educated workforce and quality educational opportunities are important considerations for investment by residents, businesses and property owners, and as such, we seek to recognize local educational excellence.
  2. Continue communication and cooperation efforts between City officials and CUSD, especially in the areas of population projections, safety and security, development of schools and funding sources, and monitoring of development activities to prevent overcrowding of schools and help meet future educational needs.
  3. Solicit CUSD input to help assess the educational impact of new development through the Development Management Team review process.
  4. Promote the idea of attracting a higher educational facility or other educational/vocational training institution in the Los Molinos Focus Area.
Library Services
  1. Work closely with the County of Orange Library System and Friends of the San Clemente Library to understand their local services and facilities needs.
  2. Work with the County of Orange to evaluate the need and feasibility of expanding San Clemente’s library resources/facilities.
  3. Explore opportunities to expand library services through creative public/private/non-profit partnerships.
Arts and Culture
  1. Study the potential of local arts community to contribute to future economic development through tourism, branding and retail spinoffs, and community events or activities.
  2. Focus City support and encouragement of the Arts on cultural groups and organizations that already exist in San Clemente so that they may grow and contribute to the community’s cultural richness and diversity.
  3. Promote the City’s rich cultural history by partnering with private and non-profit organizations to promote and support local arts, history and culture. Examples could include the establishment of a Surfing Heritage Foundation Museum and/or San Clemente Historical Society Museum and archival facility.
  4. Establish an Art in Public Places Ordinance and include a funding mechanism.
  5. Establish cultural or historic themes for different areas of the City that provides cohesion City-wide, without compromising their distinctiveness.
  6. Study the potential for incentives to encourage private development to provide public art. These may include, but are not limited to a waiver or partial waiver of fees or flexibility in development standards.
  7. Incorporate unique public art in public improvements such as street lighting, sidewalks, walls, bridges and public buildings.
  8. Foster collaboration between City, art associations, non-profits, businesses, educational institutions and the private sector to provide more opportunities and venues for cultural arts programs, including the establishment of a performing arts venue in San Clemente.
  9. Establish a dedicated source of funding for preservation, enhancement and promotion of arts and cultural and historical resources and programs.
  10. Recreational and cultural activities should be promoted in the Pier Bowl and North Beach since these are tourist and recreational hubs. Promote the City's historic resources in visitor- and tourist-oriented media and publications.
  11. Help support public and private efforts leading to the rehabilitation and adaptive reuse of the historic Miramar Theatre.
Human Services
  1. Create an official line of communication between the City and several human services related agencies at the County of Orange.
  2. Identify a staff member to seek grants and funding opportunities, in collaboration with non-profits and community organizations.
  3. Amend the Zoning Ordinance to encourage child care facilities to be established, especially where such facilities are appropriate to serve working parents.
Water Quality and Wastewater
  1. Study feasibility and effectiveness of new technologies to reduce the use of chemicals at the water treatment plant.
  2. Continue implementation of a tiered water rate structure to incentivize water conservation.
  3. Expand local water recycling capabilities.
  4. Explore the feasibility of desalinization and other regional projects as an alternative resource to reduce the City’s dependency on imported water.
  5. Maintain and update the City’s Urban Water Management Plan, as needed, and implement and enforce the water conservation ordinance.
  6. Review City landscaping and irrigation requirements for public and private development to ensure regulations promote drought-tolerant landscaping and systems best practices.
  7. Complete water efficiency use surveys of all City facilities.
  8. Continue providing education and community outreach on water conservation options and methods.
Stormwater and Urban Runoff
  1. Continue the Clean Ocean Program to protect water quality through such activities as urban runoff treatment, site inspections, pollution reporting hotline and water quality monitoring.
  2. Include specific measure to address the need for sidewalk cleaning while protecting water quality and preventing runoff.
Solid Waste
  1. Expand mandatory recycling for commercial customers consistent with State requirements.
  2. Establish a strategic plan and public outreach campaign to exceed solid waste diversion requirements of AB 939, including waste created by construction and demolition activities.
  3. Continue using rubberized asphalt and recycled aggregate for City street projects, as appropriate.
  1. Establish a schedule for energy efficiency and demand response program audits of City facilities.
  2. Improve energy efficiency at City facilities by replacing incandescent lighting with energy-efficient lighting where feasible, upgrading appliances to EnergyStar, updating HVAC systems and establishing shut-off times, replacing water heaters with energy efficient models, and installing occupancy-sensored lighting.
  3. Install variable speed drive motors at water and sewer pumps, where feasible.
  4. Transition to light emitting diode traffic signal light bulbs and pedestrian crossing signals.
  5. Where appropriate and feasible, install solar-powered street radar signs.
  6. Consider adopting a wind power ordinance to define how small wind turbines can be used in the City.
  7. Upgrade City facilities with EnergyStar or equivalent appliances, energy-efficient lighting, energy-efficient HVAC systems, energy-efficient water heaters, occupancy sensing lighting controls, programmable thermostats, and variable speed drive motors in many water and sewer pumping stations.
  8. Explore the feasibility of establishing a City grant program to provide funding support for local energy retrofitting projects.
  9. Consider requiring future City facilities to meet LEED Certification standards or equivalent standards.
  10. Determine an energy efficiency baseline for City facilities and monitor use and progress.
  11. Pursue grant funding and other financial resources to offset the public cost of energy retrofits to existing City facilities.
  12. Update our codes to encourage the private development of alternative energy infrastructure where appropriate.
  13. Implement the Climate Action Plan and Sustainability Action Plan.
  14. Develop a citywide plan for the undergrounding of overhead utility lines, including implementation plan and funding strategies.

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