Public Services Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Human Services

Human services include a range of supportive programs and facilities to protect the community’s most vulnerable citizens, such as children, disabled persons, the elderly and lower-income persons. They express the community’s fundamental regard for the value and dignity of all its residents. Through information sharing and referral services, the City of San Clemente works with other public agencies and nonprofit organizations to help identify gaps in services and deliver services that meet the community’s human services needs.


Continue to be a community with a strong network of public, private, and non-profit human service providers that meet the basic health, safety, and welfare needs of all San Clemente residents.


PSFU-4.01. Collaboration. We collaborate with the County of Orange and other public agencies and organizations to help provide child care, social services, physical and mental health services, low cost health and wellness services, senior care, housing programs and family services.
PSFU-4.02. Outreach. We continue to promote awareness of local assistance programs provided through other public agencies and organizations by providing outreach materials in a variety of formats and by helping to coordinate stakeholder meetings and community resource forums.
PSFU-4.03. Funding. We solicit County, State, Federal, private and corporate donations and other funding resources to support local human service providers and City of San Clemente programs and facilities.
PSFU-4.04. Monitoring Local Needs. We monitor local needs and report to local service providers to encourage development of programs and facilities that meet the needs of San Clemente residents.
PSFU-4.05. Child Care. We encourage child care facilities within or near employment centers.
PSFU-4.06. Child Care (Educational Facilities). We coordinate with CUSD to utilize existing educational facilities for the expansion of child daycare opportunities within the community.


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