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Whether it is fuel to operate automobiles or electricity to light, heat, and cool buildings, energy is constantly being used to meet our daily needs. Generating the energy to meet California’s increasing demand calls for sustainable energy resources. In addition, with the passage of state legislation to decrease reliance on fossil fuels and mitigate the impacts of global climate change, cities are facing complex mandates to address energy management issues.

San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) provides electricity and maintains a distribution network for San Clemente. The electrical grid in the City is a mix of above ground and underground power lines. The Southern California Gas Company (The Gas Company) provides natural gas for San Clemente. To reduce costs the City will periodically evaluate and is currently purchasing third party deregulated electricity


Maintain a reliable, safe, and economically sustainable energy system that incorporates conservation and alternative energy resources to help decrease reliance on fossil fuels and reduce the impacts of global climate change.


PSFU-9.01. Coordination. We coordinate with local electricity, natural gas, and other energy and utility providers to ensure adequate facilities are available to meet the demands of existing and future development and that such facilities are safely sited and operated.
PSFU-9.02. Facility Siting. We collaborate with various utility agencies to ensure local facilities are sited and designed to be safe and compatible with adjacent land uses.
PSFU-9.03. City Facilities. We use energy efficient designs that consider life-cycle costs in the planning, construction, and operation of all major City facilities and seek outside funding sources to help support these efforts.
PSFU-9.04. Energy Audits. We perform energy efficiency and demand response program audits at City facilities to understand our civic energy demands and plan improvements accordingly.
PSFU-9.05. Demonstration Projects. We participate in demonstration projects for energy conservation and savings when feasible.
PSFU-9.06. Education. We cooperate with local utilities to provide energy conservation information to the public.
PSFU-9.07. Renewable Energy Resources. We work with other agencies and utility providers to develop safe, economical, and renewable energy resources in San Clemente.
PSFU-9.08. Solar Energy/Heating. We incentivize the use of solar energy or solar water heating on private development by waiving related fees, when financially feasible for the City to do so.
PSFU-9.09. Funding. We seek grants and other outside funding for energy efficiency improvements to public or private facilities and structures in San Clemente.
PSFU-9.10. Land Use Planning. We encourage the development of employment centers and other land uses to improve our jobs to housing balance and minimize vehicle trips in San Clemente.



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