Public Services Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Arts and Culture*

San Clemente is justifiably proud of its surf, beach and arts cultures. We celebrate and cultivate these cultural assets and support local artists through community events, public art programs, and the preservation of historical and archaeological resources, cultural facilities and traditions. It is our culture, perhaps more than any other quality, which reflects the City’s character and shapes its image for residents, business and visitors. To enrich our culture, the City promotes opportunities for community appreciation of and participation in the arts, encourages the aesthetic enhancement of buildings and public places and helps provide opportunities for cultural learning, exchange and inspiration.


Continue to be a City which celebrates and enjoys outstanding artistic and cultural experiences that enrich the lives of San Clemente’s residents and visitors.


Understand and appreciate our local heritage through arts and cultural events, public art, public information and interpretive displays and other programs.


PSFU-3.01. Encourage Arts, Heritage and Culture. We encourage, support and promote a range of arts, crafts, heritage and cultural experiences, art exhibitions and performances in public places and civic buildings, historic resources and parks.
PSFU-3.02. San Clemente’s Arts Community. We promote awareness of arts produced in San Clemente and foster the local arts community by supporting art festivals, temporary art displays in public buildings and by engaging local artists and art groups to help beautify community parks, streets and buildings.
PSFU-3.03. Local Arts, Heritage and Culture Partners. We partner with educational institutions, local groups and cultural institutions to promote local arts, crafts and culture.
PSFU-3.04. Public Art. We shall support and promote public art in buildings, parks, open spaces and other public and private spaces.
PSFU-3.05. Private-Public Sector Events. We partner with private and nonprofit sectors to promote participation in cultural activities including fairs, festivals and other events geared to neighborhoods, the City as a whole and the region.
PSFU-3.06. Surfing and Beach Cultures. We recognize and help support the work of artists and organizations that promote, preserve and celebrate San Clemente’s rich surfing history, culture and art.

*Note: Historical preservation policies are addressed in the Historical Preservation Element of the General Plan.



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