Natural Resources Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Natural Resources

Natural resources shape our community. San Clemente’s scenic shoreline [link to Glossary], hillsides and canyons inspire residents and visitors alike and help define our community’s identity as the Spanish Village by the Sea. Properly managed, our natural resources provide stunning views, relief from the built environment, valuable watershed and wildlife habitat, enhanced property values and recreational opportunities: benefits that contribute to San Clemente’s health and prosperity and make it a desirable place in which to live, work and play.

California state law requires that general plans include two different but complementary chapters addressing natural resources: the Conservation Element and the Open Space Element. In this General Plan, these chapters are combined into the Natural Resources Element. Other chapters that also address natural resources include the Beaches, Parks and Recreation, Coastal, and Public Services, Facilities and Utilities Elements.

This Element establishes goals and policies aimed at preserving and enhancing the City’s biological, aesthetic, archaeological, mineral, air quality, and energy resources. Related goals and policies regarding our urban forest, water resources, solid waste management, and historic resources are included in the Urban Design; Public Services, Facilities and Utilities; and Historic Preservation Elements.


Restore and protect natural resources so that they continue to enhance our community identity and provide environmental, aesthetic, economic, and health benefits.

  1. Biological Resources
  2. Aesthetic Resources
  3. Archeological and Paleontological Resources
  4. Mineral Resources
  5. Air Quality
  6. Energy Conservation
  7. Dark Skies
  8. Climate Action Plan


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