Mobility Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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To encourage multi-modal transportation and protect travelers’ safety, San Clemente will use a combination of roadway improvements, urban design strategies, quality bicycle and pedestrian facilities, education/awareness programs and traffic code enforcement.


Create a balanced transportation system that facilitates safe travel by all modes of travel.


M-3.01. Connected Roadway Network. We require development projects to connect to and where necessary, improve local streets to allow travel by all modes and ensure connectivity with the larger City-wide roadway network.
M-3.02. Complete Streets Roadway Standards. We require that pedestrian, vehicular, and bicycle circulation on public and private property is coordinated and designed to maximize safety, comfort and aesthetics and is consistent with Federal, State, Orange County, and local laws, codes, and standards.
M-3.03. Safe Routes to School. We collaborate with the Capistrano Unified School District and private schools to identify and implement safety measures to improve safe travel to and from schools for students, parents, residents and school employees.
M-3.04. Slow Traffic. We use a combination of traffic calming measures, speed limits, and traffic code enforcement to slow traffic where non-motorized travel is encouraged.
M-3.05. Safety Awareness Program. We encourage and assign high priority to the creation of a comprehensive safety awareness program for pedestrians, skateboarders, cyclists, and motorists which addresses proper riding behavior, wearing helmets, using lights, and other issues as appropriate.
M-3.06. Emergency Response. We manage the transportation system to balance emergency response time and evacuation needs with other community concerns, such as Urban Design and traffic calming.


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