Mobility Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Parking facilities are essential for most types of land uses. Their location, design and availability can influence travel choices. For example, reducing the level of available parking has been shown to reduce vehicle travel and increase biking, walking, and transit use. To strike a balance between the provision of adequate parking to meet residential and business needs and the goal of improving non-motorized travel options, San Clemente strives to provide an appropriate level of “right-sized” parking facilities.

For example, shared parking concepts allow parking spaces to be used by more than one type of user at different times of the day. This can provide more efficient utilization of parking spaces over predictable cycles of the day, week or year. Another strategy is to provide comprehensive and routine management of parking in key destination areas of San Clemente, like the Del Mar/T-Zone, North Beach, and the Pier Bowl.


Create a parking system which provides an appropriate level of multi-modal parking supply in public and private parking areas.


M-4.01. Shared Parking. We require mixed-use and multiple use developments to implement shared parking techniques for complementary land uses.
M-4.02. Parking Management. We manage and evaluate public and private parking resources in key destination areas.
M-4.03. Parking Demand. We reduce parking demand by improving public transit, bicycle and pedestrian mobility, particularly to and from our key destination areas.
M-4.04. Alternative Parking Strategies. We consider alternative parking strategies that address multi-modal parking needs, improve land use efficiency and enhance environmental quality, such as use of energy-saving/generating features, demand-based parking strategies, stacking, alternative paving, accommodating multiple uses, and parking elevators.
M-4.05. Parking Requirements. We support the evaluation and possible consolidation of parking requirements to facilitate the gradual transition of land uses and to simplify standards.
M-4.06. Comprehensive Parking Strategies. We base parking decisions and related improvements in key commercial areas (e.g., North Beach, Del Mar/T-Zone, Pier Bowl, and Plaza San Clemente) on comprehensive parking strategies.
M-4.07. Alternative Parking Requirements and Incentives. We will consider incentives to encourage alternative parking, such as crediting bicycle, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), motorcycle and scooter parking spaces in meeting required automobile parking.



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