Mobility Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Mobility and Complete Streets

The Mobility and Complete Streets Element focuses on moving people by multiple transportation modes, including both human-powered and motorized means, thereby providing safe, efficient, and convenient mobility choices.

Multimodal transportation has been recognized under California law for decades. It’s widely acclaimed as an effective strategy to help communities to meet the transportation needs of all citizens, maintain and enhance environmental quality and comply with applicable laws. Moreover, the State of California’s regulations promote multimodal transportation to accommodate new residents while helping to improve the efficiency of traffic, expand the State’s economy and enhance everyone’s quality of life. It is widely acknowledged that by utilizing all available transportation modes — motor vehicles, public transit, rail, walking and bicycling -- plus using transportation demand management and telecommuting -- California’s communities can use resources more efficiently and help achieve a sustainable future.

The “Complete Streets” perspective considers active transportation fundamental to the success of California’s cities. California’s 2008 Complete Streets Act states that to “make the most efficient use of urban land and transportation infrastructure and to improve public health by encouraging physical activity, transportation planners must find innovative ways to reduce vehicle miles traveled and to shift from short trips in the automobile to biking, walking, and use of public transit.”

San Clemente residents already have embraced that strategy. In January, 2012, San Clemente's City Council unanimously resolved "to comply with the letter and spirit of California's Complete Streets Act, thereby creating a balanced multimodal transportation system for all." And in 2009, the City conducted a Vision San Clemente telephone survey that showed that 90 percent of residents surveyed supported a pedestrian-friendly town that encouraged walking and biking, 80 percent wanted traffic flow to improve and 78 percent desired improved access to alternative transportation.

The Mobility and Complete Streets Element complements the findings of California’s State Legislature with the vision of San Clemente’s leaders and residents. In so doing, we intend to achieve a sustainable future for generations to come.


Create a comprehensive, multimodal transportation system that provides all users with safe connections to homes, commercial centers, job centers, schools, community centers, open spaces, recreation areas and visitor destinations.

  1. Maintain accessibility and protect San Clemente’s environment and natural beauty;

  2. Reduce dependence on single-occupant use of motor vehicles;

  3. Achieve and maintain State and Federal health standards for air and water quality.

  4. Promote alternative transportation modes such as walking, riding buses and bicycles, and using carpools for all users, including those with special needs.

  5. Widen and extend streets only when there is a demonstrated need and when adverse impacts of such projects can be mitigated to levels of non-significance, pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act.

  6. Make commercial districts and recreational areas more functional and enjoyable for pedestrians.

  7. Coordinate transportation planning with property owners, businesses and other affected agencies, such as the County of Orange, Orange County Transportation Authority, California Department of Transportation and the State of California Parks and Recreation Agency.

  8. Reduce the need for automobile commuting through land use strategies, expanded and improved bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and by promoting telecommuting and flexible work schedules.

  9. Protect wildlife habitat and corridors through environmentally-sensitive design of transportation- and drainage-related facilities.

  1. Roadway System
  2. Non-Automotive System
  3. Transportation Safety
  4. Parking
  5. Freight Movement


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