Land Use Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Mixed Use

Mixed use zoning, as it is applied in San Clemente, refers to the vertical or horizontal mixing of commercial and residential uses. The Land Use Plan provides for the development of single or combined parcels for mixed commercial and residential development. Vertically mixed structures typically incorporate retail, office, and/or parking on the lower floors and residential units above. Areas that allow a horizontal mix also allow stand alone uses and provide greater flexibility as to where specific uses are located on a site. While the Plan does not mandate the development of mixed-use projects, it does permit these in key commercial areas.

Areas designated as mixed use are concentrated in six of the eight Focus Areas of the General Plan: Los Molinos (Pico Plaza area), North Beach/North El Camino Real, Del Mar/T-Zone, Pier Bowl, South El Camino Real (West of Interstate 5), and South El Camino Real (East of Interstate 5). The development standardsthat apply to Mixed Use zoning may vary by district. Five different mixed-use zones are established, depending upon the land use intensity, arrangement and relationship of residential and commercial uses on a site. These relationships are summarized in Table LU-1 and graphically shown on Figures LU-2a, LU-2b, and LU-2c. Mixed use zones create enhanced vitality and pedestrian activity in areas where residents have convenient access to retail, services, jobs and other amenities. They can also help reduce vehicle trips and associated air pollution, provide “built-in” customers for businesses and encourage development of convenient and affordable housing opportunities.


Promote and support mixed use development that is attractively designed, adds vitality and pedestrian activity, enhances economic vitality, reduces vehicle trips and associated air pollution and offers convenient and affordable housing opportunities for all income levels.


LU-3.01. Horizontal and Vertical Mix. We permit a range of horizontally and vertically mixed uses appropriate to key areas of the City.
LU-3.02. Flexibility. We apply flexible development standards to respond to changing market demands, where it can be demonstrated that by doing so, the proposed development or land use will help achieve General Plan goals.
LU-3.03. Ground Floor Retail. In pedestrian-oriented environments, we require retail uses to be located on the ground floor and near the public sidewalk to provide convenience and good visibility for shoppers. Whenever possible, we require off-street parking to be screened and located on the side or at the rear of buildings.
LU-3.04. Upper Floors. Where buildings over two stories are allowed, we require building facades above the second floor to be set back from lower, street-facing facades to minimize building height and bulk, pursuant to the Zoning Ordinance, Design Guidelines, and applicable Specific Plans.
LU-3.05. Stand Alone Residential Uses. Where new, stand alone residential developments are allowed within areas designated for mixed use, we require development to be compatible with adjacent commercial and mixed uses and with adjacent neighborhoods. Such developments shall:
  1. buffer the residential use from abutting commercial uses;

  2. adequately mitigate the noise, traffic, parking (automobile and truck), and lighting impacts of abutting commercial use;

  3. locate and design dwellings to provide adequate security and privacy for residents; and

  4. prevent adverse impacts on the integrity and continuity of other commercial uses by considering the long term needs of commercial and residential uses, such as commercial loading, solid waste and recycling storage, private open space, landscape buffers, noise and odors.



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