Land Use Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Land Use Plan

The Land Use Plan for San Clemente accommodates the full range of uses existing in San Clemente in 2013, as well as uses to be allowed in areas where change is desired. The buildout of land uses contemplated in the 1993 Land Use Plan has essentially been realized. In 2013, most of the City’s expansion areas are built out, with the exception of Marblehead Coastal, and growth will primarily occur on vacant infill parcels or through redevelopment. Consequently, this Land Use Plan anticipates that land use changes will be concentrated within eight Focus Areas.

This land plan builds upon a wealth of assets, including: many safe and attractive residential neighborhoods, a variety of commercial and coastal destinations that are unique to the region, unique historic resources that distinguish our community, visual and functional landmarks to our neighborhoods and districts, a thriving business and industrial sector, a historic downtown, convenient multi-modal transportation facilities and access to some of the best beach, ocean and open space resources that Southern California has to offer.


The Land Use Plan seeks to:
  1. retain and enhance established residential neighborhoods, commercial and industrial districts, recreational resources, community-activity areas and amenities, and open spaces that improve the community’s quality of life, enhance the appeal of our many attractions, maintain our small-town character, and ensure long-term environmental and fiscal health;
  2. provide for the revitalization, adaptive re-use, and improvement of deteriorated neighborhoods, historic buildings and districts;
  3. allow for some intensification of commercial and industrial districts to maintain economic vitality, while preserving or enhancing their character;
  4. provide opportunities for new residential, commercial, and job generating uses in targeted areas, within the capacities of existing infrastructure and public services;
  5. preserve and enhance coastal recreation, resources, access and amenities;
  6. protect and maintain significant environmental resources;
  7. protect and preserve significant historic resources;
  8. provide a diversity of land use areas that complement one another and are characterized by differing functional activities and intensities of use;
  9. locate commercial, public services, recreation, transit opportunities and jobs near residents and businesses; and
  10. ensure our policies, programs and actions continue to celebrate and reinforce San Clemente’s role as a unique and distinctive place in southern Orange County and in the greater Southern California region.



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