Land Use Element (Public Hearing Draft, 4/17/13)
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Land Use Implementation Measures

  1. Update the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Map, Local Coastal Program and specific plans to ensure consistency with the Centennial General Plan. Key land use related areas to be revised include, but are not limited to:

    1. Zoning district changes to reflect General Plan land use changes.

    2. Mixed use districts development standards to reflect land use changes in the Focus Areas.

    3. Consideration of form-based standards for Avenida del Mar and El Camino Real, with emphasis on the commercial core in the T-Zone.

    4. New development standards for Professional Business and Medical Office Overlays.

    5. New standards to reflect the increases in Floor Area Ratios (FARs) in commercial areas along El Camino Real.

  2. Establish design standards for automobile repair, fueling stations, outdoor storage, and similar uses which provide for their physical and visual compatibility with the district in which they are located; including standards for building character and design, materials, colors, landscape, signage, lighting, and other pertinent elements.

  3. Examine the feasibility of a shuttle or trolley type transit system that connects San Clemente’s key destination areas (e.g., North Beach, Del Mar/T-Zone, Marblehead and Pier Bowl) with public transit and bicycle routes.

  4. Evaluate the locations of fast food outlets and drive-through restaurants and where applicable, establish standards for the spatial distribution of such uses.

  1. Meet with medical office professionals and hospital administration to better understand their needs and use of City resources and to help them better accomplish their goals and objectives.

  1. Update the Rancho San Clemente Business Park Specific Plan to strengthen policies to encourage light manufacturing and business-oriented uses, and to protect employment-oriented businesses.

  2. Consider establishing a Green Business Zone in industrial areas, including the Rancho San Clemente and Talega Business Parks. [Consultant to clarify “Green Building Zone” or delete measure entirely]

  3. Amend the Zoning Ordinance, Design Guidelines and Rancho San Clemente Specific Plan to accommodate automobile, truck, motorcycle, watercraft, and RV sales and services.

  1. Update the West Pico Specific Plan to reflect the vision, land uses and policies for the Los Molinos Focus Area.

  2. Identify a local champion for fostering an arts and design business incubator district.

  3. Meet with higher education administrators, trade school organizations and local businesses to better understand the opportunities to attract an educational or occupational training anchor in the Professional Business Overlay area.

  4. Work with U.S. Postal Service to explore opportunities to close, or to relocate the post office located on Avenida Pico to a more appropriate location to provide opportunities for improved circulation and new development opportunities with a master plan for the Pico Plaza area.

  1. Identify opportunities (e.g., sites and programming) for new or improved public spaces along or near Avenida Del Mar to provide areas for socializing or relaxing.

  2. Develop new flexible use standards in the Zoning Ordinance to accommodate changing market demands. Consideration should be given, however, to preserving “experiential retail uses” in key shopping areas along Avenida Del Mar and El Camino Real. [Experiential retail uses are those that enhance consumer interaction, drive repeat visits and purchases, and create distinction. This experience can only be achieved in “brick and mortar” retail establishments—not online.]

  3. We will identify a qualified public- or private sector professional to help manage or enhance the retail “synergy” of Downtown land uses and work with the Downtown Business Association (DBA) and Downtown property owners to identify funding sources for such a position. Whether this is a staff position or a consultant to the City or DBA is to be determined.

  1. Initiate a General Plan catalyst project by funding improvements for the rehabilitation and reuse of the Miramar Theater.

  2. Prepare a specific plan, zoning overlay or similar planning mechanism for North Beach to reflect the changes in the North Beach/North El Camino Real Focus Area.

  3. Consider relocating the sewage treatment plant from the North Beach area.

  4. Consider establishing a historic district to ensure new and remodeled buildings are architecturally compatible with the area’s Spanish Colonial Revival character, provide historic preservation incentives, and enforce historic preservation measures in the Zoning Ordinance.

  5. Consider improvements to our alleyways and paseos to provide alternative pedestrian and bicycle routes.

  1. Update the Pier Bowl Specific Plan for consistency with the new General Plan or retire the Plan by relocating its unique development standards to the Zoning Ordinance.

  2. Develop an Access Enhancement Plan to reduce congestion, possibly including shuttle services and bicycle facilities.

  3. Working with the Chamber of Commerce, Downtown Business Association, Pier Bowl Merchants’ Association, property owners and business, support efforts to develop economic development tools to aid in the area’s continued revitalization.

  1. Meet with developers who specialize in mixed use and residential infill development to better understand changing opportunities and constraints (physical, regulatory and financial).

  2. Create new development standards for mixed use, including stand-alone corridor residential uses.

  3. Develop a Downtown Improvement Plan to improve sidewalk quality and consistency and to encourage the construction and expansion of public spaces such as courtyards, plazas and paseos.

  4. Consider traffic calming strategies in the neighborhood retail center (between Avenida Cadiz and Esplanade).

  5. Staff will prepare and implement a public view corridor plan that will be used to help maintain and restore ocean views from the I-5 Freeway, by reviewing development for its visual effects, including, but not limited to new buildings, signs, and noise walls.

  1. Develop a new streetscape and landscaping plan and Safe Routes to School program to implement the Mobility and Complete Streets Element and Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan.

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