Historic Preservation Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Historic Preservation Element Implementation Measures
  1. Update our Historic Building Survey to include architecturally significant buildings with styles different from Spanish Colonial Revival architecture, including “Post-Modern” and “Mid-Century Modern” architectural designs.

  2. Consider a City program to nominate properties for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places.

  3. Pursue financial resources from state, federal and private sources that assist in the identification and designation of cultural resources.

  4. Participate in the National Trust for Historic Preservation Main Street Program.

  5. Consider adding historic trees, features and sites to the Landmarks and Historic Resources lists and expanding the City’s inventory of historic resources to include historic districts.

  6. Explore strategies for relocating threatened historic resources when other means of preservation are infeasible.

  7. Continue to support and explore preservation incentives such as rehabilitation tax credits, façade easements, preservation grants, transfer of development rights, zoning incentives, state, federal, non-profit assistance and private donations.

  8. Inform the public on preservation methods and promote the use of California’s Historic Building Code for preservation of historic resources.

  9. Continue to provide technical assistance to property owners for the preservation of historic resources.

  10. Pursue a comprehensive strategy in partnership with other organizations to promote community awareness and appreciation of San Clemente’s historic resources.

  11. Pursue a public-private partnership with financial institutions to establish a financing program for preservation of historic resources.

  12. Develop separate criteria and procedures for designating historic districts and thematic (noncontiguous) historic districts.

  13. Develop new eligibility criteria for the designation of potential district-contributing properties. The City’s Historic Structures List and designation criteria do not distinguish between landmarks and potential district-contributing properties.
  14. The City will adopt procedures for establishing historic districts.

  15. Develop and provide training for Cultural Heritage Board and City staff on the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties, the San Clemente preservation ordinance, the California Historical Building Code, and other preservation information.

  16. Maintain Certified Local Government (CLG) status and apply for CLG grants to help update the historic inventory and accomplish other important preservation objectives.

  17. Conduct workshops for homeowners, developers, real estate professionals and others describing the benefits and obligations of owning historic property and the incentives available for rehabilitation.

  18. Establish and regularly update a list of qualified architectural historians to use for project consultation.

  19. Develop Historic Preservation Guidelines for historic resources that include sustainability measures.

  20. Establish a rehabilitation loan program, as funding is available, and explore building-permit-fee waivers, redevelopment assistance, local financing programs, and other local assistance for preservation of historic resources.

  21. Utilize guidelines for discretionary design review to address exterior alterations proposed to historic buildings in accordance with the Historic Preservation Ordinance.

  22. Amend the zoning ordinance to require an assessment of potential impacts to onsite and nearby historic resources as part of applications for changes in zoning.

  23. Working with the property owner, citizens, San Clemente Historical Society, schools, performing arts, business and other community groups, adopt a CIP program to assist in the rehabilitation of the Miramar Theatre.

  24. Help establish historic archives and/or library to protect, organize, preserve and make accessible the City’s written and graphic archival records.

  25. Develop historic preservation materials and media for homeowners, realtors, contactors and developers to educate the public on requirements, guidelines and processes.

  26. Consider establishing a historic district in North Beach.

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