Historic Preservation Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Historic Preservation Standards and Regulations

The City of San Clemente applies local, state and federal regulations to help achieve the community’s historic preservation goals. The City sets a positive example by preserving, rehabilitating and adaptively reusing City-owned historic resources for the benefit of the entire community and helps owners understand historic property benefits and responsibilities.


Ensure the preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and adaptive reuse of buildings, sites, places, and districts with archaeological, historical, architectural, or cultural significance to San Clemente.


HP-2.01. Leadership. We provide leadership in the field of historic preservation by preserving and adaptively reusing City-owned historic resources in compliance with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and other standards and guidelines as prescribed by the State Office of Historic Preservation.
HP-2.02. Property Maintenance. Through the City of San Clemente Municipal Code, we require owners of historic resources to maintain their property in a manner which preserves the property’s historic integrity.
HP-2.03. CEQA Requirement. We require mitigation of significant, adverse impacts to onsite and nearby historic resources as part of applications for general plan amendments, zoning changes, or any projects requiring environmental review per the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
HP-2.04. Adaptive Reuse. We encourage adaptive reuse of historic resources to preserve them and prevent architecturally inappropriate changes, disrepair and demolition.
HP-2.05. State and Federal Standards. We ensure projects follow the Secretary of Interior Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties and standards and guidelines as prescribed by the State Office of Historic Preservation for any listed historic resources or properties eligible for historic listing.
HP-2.06. New Development. We require that new development adjacent to or within a 300-foot radius from a historic resource be compatible with the historic resource in terms of scale, massing, building materials and general architectural treatment.
HP-2.07. Flexible Standards. We apply flexible development standards where appropriate and necessary to help preserve historic integrity and character of buildings and sites and to comply with zoning regulations. In the event of an earthquake, flood or other natural disaster, or in the event of arson, we take all reasonable steps to promote the preservation, repair and restoration of damaged historic structures, consistent with Zoning Ordinance requirements for the re-establishment of legal, non-conforming structures. If a historic building is damaged so that it is physically infeasible to restore, we require the replacement building to reflect the former building’s architectural character.
HP-2.08. Planning. We incorporate historic and cultural preservation as an integral part of planning, development and environmental review.

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