Historic Preservation Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Heritage Promotion

Historic preservation is more than preserving or reusing historic buildings. In San Clemente, it is also about creating a preservation ethic, communicating how preservation enriches our lives and sharing our legacy with future generations. Historic preservation is a lasting form of community development which allows citizens and visitors to appreciate our rich history.

The General Plan seeks to provide the foundation for partnering with private and non-profit organizations, individuals and other public agencies to promote and educate the public about San Clemente’s heritage.


To preserve and enhance San Clemente’s rich and celebrated heritage to serve as a focal point for civic pride and identity.


HP-1.01. Historic Preservation Program. We maintain and continue to implement a comprehensive, citywide, historic preservation program.
HP-1.02. Historic Resources Survey. We maintain an up-to-date historic resources survey, seek designation of new historic resources and apply historic preservation policies to the resources identified on the Designated Historic Landmarks and Resources Lists to increase awareness and protection of historic sites.
HP-1.03. Preserve Amercia and Certified Local Government. We promote San Clemente as a Preserve America City and Certified Local Government.
HP-1.04. Education. We conduct City sponsored programs to educate property owners, land developers, construction personnel and City staff on the importance of historical resources and the legal framework for their protection. We also support the preparation of educational materials to be made publicly available.
HP-1.05. Schools. In collaboration with our non-profit partners, we encourage local schools to integrate local and architectural history into their curricula and resources.

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