Growth Management Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Development Outside of the City

The City is essentially built out; however, additional development may occur outside City Limits in or near the City’s Sphere of Influence. Without appropriate planning, this development could significantly impact San Clemente’s transportation network, beaches, parks, infrastructure, natural resources, public services, environmental quality and the community’s overall quality of life. Before development occurs, the City shall ensure significant impacts are mitigated at no cost to the City, its residents or businesses.


If development occurs outside of but adjacent to the City, it is planned, built and operated in a manner that does not adversely affect the environment or the quality of services and facilities expected by San Clemente residents and businesses.


GM-2.01. Timely Provision of Infrastructure and Services. We diligently monitor, influence, and respond as necessary to land planning and development activities outside of the City to ensure that land development provides timely and adequate transportation facilities (streets, highways, transit, etc.), wastewater collection and treatment, water supply, electrical, natural gas, telecommunications, solid waste disposal, storm drainage, other public infrastructure, public safety and public services (governmental administrative and capital, police, fire, recreational, cultural, etc.).
GM-2.02. Consistency with City Policies and Standards. We demand that the type, amount, and location of development provide infrastructure consistent with our General Plan goals and policies and City standards, including San Clemente’s Hillside Development Ordinance and the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan.
GM-2.03. Costs of Growth. The costs of providing public facilities and services needed to serve development outside City Limits and adjacent to the City shall be borne by the development or by the approving agency, in accordance with its policies.
GM-2.04. Residential Subdivisions. We demand that the design of new residential subdivisions in our Sphere of Influence do the following:
  1. incorporate greenbelts, pedestrian paths, parks, recreation facilities, and other community amenities;
  2. orient parcels away from principal arterials and highways or other heavily traveled corridors, incorporating extensive landscape setbacks along these frontages;
  3. locate development so as to avoid disturbance of sensitive areas and maintain important environmental resources, including ridgelines, topographic formations, wildlife corridors and habitat in accordance with the Natural Resources Element;
  4. integrate small scale, multi-family "clusters" within single family residential neighborhoods;
  5. design streets to achieve safe, livable streets, consistent with the City’s “Complete Streets” policies and standards; and
  6. include alleys to minimize the dominance of garages along the street frontage.
GM-2.05. Costs to San Clemente Taxpayers and Businesses. We oppose new development if it would result in any net cost to the City, its residents or businesses.
GM-2.06. Sphere of Influence. We urge the Orange County Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) to update the City’s Sphere of Influence and Municipal Services Review to determine whether unincorporated areas adjacent to the City should be included in the Sphere of Influence.



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