Growth Management Element (Public Hearing Draft, 5/1/13)
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Areas of significant development potential are located outside City Limits, adjacent to San Clemente’s eastern and southern Areas of significant development potential are located outside City Limits, adjacent to San Clemente’s eastern and southern boundaries. In 2013, there are development entitlements granted by the County of Orange that apply to areas located in the Rancho Mission Viejo Ranch Plan, Planning Area 8, and the former TRW site. Build out of these areas will impact traffic, noise, public safety services and other aspects of daily life in San Clemente. As such, it is essential the City of San Clemente maintains close contact with the County of Orange, the Rancho Mission Viejo Company and Camp Pendleton to address issues of mutual concern associated with the development of these areas.


To continue to be a City with well-defined edges defined by natural topography, open space and development as existing in 2013.


GM-1.01. Design Transitions. Development just inside City Limits or outside City Limits on the City’s Urban Fringe shall provide appropriate design transitions to avoid a stark-appearing edge between site development and buildings in the City and adjacent open land. Such measures shall include, but are not limited to (T3-Clarify PC intent): drought-resistant and/or California Native plantings, ample side- and rear-yard building setbacks, and/or landscaped slopes, hills, or other landforms.
GM-1.02. Open Space Edges. Broad, undeveloped open spaces should separate the City from nearby urban areas. This Element establishes the edge for urban development within the term of this General Plan.


To be a City that collaborates with neighboring jurisdictions* and agencies to address common issues, maintain environmental quality, and meet San Clemente’s long-range goals.


GM-1.03. Intergovernmental Collaboration. We proactively collaborate with the governing bodies of adjacent jurisdictions to ensure that infrastructure and public services are provided in a timely and high-quality manner in areas where growth is planned, that they are consistent with the City’s General Plan, and that they help maintain a distinct community edge.
GM-1.04. Rancho Mission Viejo. We proactively protect the interests of San Clemente residents and businesses in relation to the implementation or refinement of the Rancho Mission Viejo Ranch Plan. We communicate with Rancho Mission Viejo and the County of Orange as needed to help protect such interests.
GM-1.05. Sphere of Influence. If changes to our Sphere of Influence are contemplated, we oppose amendments that would result in any net long-term fiscal cost to the City. We recognize that short-term, net fiscal costs may be acceptable if changes to the Sphere of Influence would yield long-term fiscal benefits, maintain or improve environmental quality, and improve San Clemente residents’ quality of life.
GM-1.06. Communication with Camp Pendleton. We proactively communicate with the United States Marine Corps if any processes, operations, or projects at Camp Pendleton have the potential to impact the City of San Clemente or its residents.
GM-1.07. San Onofre State Park. We support continued public access to and use of those areas of Camp Pendleton under lease to the State Parks Department in 2013.
GM-1.08. San Mateo Creek Watershed. We support continued environmental protection of the San Mateo Creek Watershed.




* Isses related to SONGS are addressed in the Safety Element.
* Issues related to open space protection are addressed in the Natural Resources Element.
* Issues related to the Toll Road are addressed in the Circulation Element.
* Issues related to noise generated at Camp Pendleton are addressed in the Noise Element.

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